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Here I am! CUM get me! :)

Hi guys :) Well, I’m finally back and all done with my Princess Day. *Sigh* I had LOTS and lots of fun while I was off though! I didn’t end up going to South Beach with Erin, I had some stuff I had to attend to here at home so I had to stay behind. :( So instead, I watched silly mindless daytime TV, had lots of cat naps, went to have my nails done, went for a session with my personal trainer….took a long HOT bubble bath cause he worked me TOO fucking hard this time! Lol…

He said it seems like I’m not doing as much work at home as I told him I was going to…so he thinks it’s a good idea to “work me really hard” for our last 3 sessions. Now please understand, if he were using that phrase (”work me really hard”) in the way that YOU guys mean it…that would be perfectly fine with me!! *Giggles* Unfortunately, he meant increasing my reps AND my weight on the incline press (so my arms and shoulders are killing me) and adding the resistance ball to my crunches (so my sides and tummy hurt like hell too!) He’s way too cute for me to stay mad at him for long though…so hopefully ibuprofen will handle this little pain problem before it gets completely unbearable! *Smiles*

I stayed up WAY too late last night…I got stuck watching, “DOG, The Bounty Hunter” until like 3 in the morning…why am I so addicted to that show?? It’s so cheesy and stupid, I KNOW this! But once I get started watching, I can’t stop…. I swear, half the fun of watching is seeing his wife Beth squeeze herself into outfits that don’t come CLOSE to fitting her HUGE tits into them!! Lol… (What? So I like big tits? Lol) Anyway, all that action made it a late night for your sweet lil girl. :) I was still up early though…well….like 10am “early” I mean! Does that still count as early? Lol…. I went walking for the first time in like forever, which surprisingly made my body less sore. Hmmm… Then I handled some web stuff, answering emails and all that….it always SO piles up on me after I take a day off! And of course playing with my new listings…I promise I won’t make you guys wait too much longer! I think they’re almost all done….

So now I’m sitting at my desk, I just got out of the shower so my hair’s still damp down around my shoulders… I had to use some of my yummy British hair products AND shave my pussy all sweet and clean….so I’m totally ready to play with you guys tonight! I haven’t checked the TV schedule for tonight…hopefully there’s not some huge sports thing on so you’ll all cum out and play with me cause you missed me so much? *Giggles* I haven’t made my pussy cum at ALL yet today….so let’s hope so. :)

I’ll be available and taking calls from 5pm EST until at least 9pm EST….as long as you guys are calling me!! If I’m not getting any calls, I’m going to log off at 7pm EST…I DID just get the new season of “LOST” today, you know! So call me tonight!! Bye for now, guys!!

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