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Are you curious?

Hi guys :) Well, I’ve been logged on and taking calls since about 3:30pm this afternoon…and you guys are already cumming out to play with me!! Which is a very good thing… You know how much I love it when you guys call and make me cum!

So, are you curious? As to which of my guys has been making my pussy cum this afternoon….? Well, I’ll be glad to satisfy your curiosity, albeit in a very “cryptic” way…lol!

My favorite “phone sex virgin” finally let me have his cock inside my tight lil pussy…after teasing him mercilessly with a hot lil handjob, of course! (That was Soooo hot, sweetie! Aren’t you glad you finally let me have my way with you? TY!) Umm…my “007 Super Spy” (I have to call him that for lots of reasons….he knows what I mean! Lol) was kind enough to make my pussy cum. All over his tongue, and his face…and his cock…. SO yummy!! He has lots of “covert ops” to deal with (lol), so we don’t talk as often as I’d like…but he’s still one of my VERY favorites cause he makes me CUM so fucking hard! (So I hope you’re reading, sweetie….and that this entry made you smile!) Umm…lets’ see…my sweet sweet weatherman called me for a *decidedly* tame call early on….he just wanted to make me smile and tell me how much he missed me….and he didn’t even make my pussy cum!! (I know, what’s up with that? Lol) But he’s still my all time favorite, so of course I forgive him. THIS time, anyway! *Giggles*

And, last but certainly not least, a new friend, Simon, called me with a yummy, naughty roleplay….I only mention him last because he left me my favorite feedback today. I loved reading it so much that I’m adding it below, but you can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

Thanks for the short, but sweet call Kylie. I just stumbled across your site, and as soon as I saw your beautiful eyes, I knew I had to place a call and hear your voice. Your voice is still in my head and your cute giggle could very well be addictive to me. :-) Take care and I hope we can talk again soon.

It wasn’t that short!! Plenty of time for me to slide my fingers into my shorts and rub my tight lil pussy anyway! *Giggles* But I loved every second of it sweetie…I hope we talk again sometime soon! :)

SO, I’m available now, until at least 9 or 10 pm EST…so if you’ve been missing me, call me tonight!! I’m horny as hell and I wanna cum some more before I go to sleep! Well…I won’t exactly be going to sleep when I log off tonight! *Giggles* Erin’s coming over and we’re going to have some wine…maybe have a few people over….a few guys she knows. We’ll see. Maybe your sweet lil girl will actually get fucked tonight? Wait, let me rephrase…maybe I’ll actually meet a guy who I want to fuck me! Lol…. Wish me luck!

Bye for now!

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