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My first time….

Hi guys :) I hope you all had a good Sunday! I was around yesterday and available all day, but I kept switching to alerts on and off…just trying to get over this stupid cold! You’ll be happy to know, that it’s FINALLY gone, so your sweet lil girl is happy and horny again, as usual! *Giggles* I swear, I slept for like 10 hours last night, and when I woke up, I felt so much better! It was weird though….I dreamed like, ALL the way through the night. Even weirder, I remembered all the dreams when I woke up. That never happens…. And before you ask, no, there wasn’t a whole lot of sex going on in my dreams last night! I only had sex with one guy. In front of his friends. But that’s beside the point! Lol….

I hope I didn’t tease you too much with the title of this entry…cause it’s not going to be about my first time having sex. That story’s pretty boring anyway, and I could tell it all in like…30 seconds? Literally. *Frowns* So no…this entry is about my first time having phone sex…. I haven’t told you guys about that before, have I?

Okay, well, as lots of you know, I was kind of an “early bloomer” sexually….but I wouldn’t say that I was truly a “sexual” person right when I lost my virginity. That was two years or so before I started having phone sex, and I started having phone sex right before I started high school. (So do the math.) Anyway, I’ve also told you that I used to call chat lines and have all kinds of anonymous, long distance”telephone boyfriends”….

My very first one was a guy from New Jersey…VERY Italian, VERY thick Jersey accent….he said he was 21 and I believed him back then. But now I think he was probably closer to 35 or 40! Lol… Anyway, I’d be on the phone with him late at night, naked in my bed (WHAT did my mom think I was doing up there, anyway?) and he’d be talking to me…like telling me how he wanted to lick my pussy…and how exactly he would fuck me…and how he would make my tight lil pussy cum all over him.

And I was SO convinced that what I was doing was SO bad, that I would never respond! I’d just kind of breathe while I touched myself, and listen…and then I would always get SO nervous that I would say I had to go and hang up before either of us actually got off. (I know, it’s hard to imagine me being “shy”, but I was young! So sue me.)

Anyway, finally, one time…I don’t know, something about the way he was describing how he would lick me…it just made me start…I don’t know, like, concentrating on cumming? And really imagining it? And finally, after months (Seriously! Months.) of resisting it? I came SO fucking hard all over my fingers! Really loud, and SUPER wet, and like, I couldn’t stop cummiing? Like I could feel it still clenching down on my fingers after we were done? SO yummy!

Of course I still thought it was VERY naughty and that I shouldn’t be doing it…and that I couldn’t have been very good at it so he must not have liked it. I probably should have realized that he liked something about it though…cause right after that was when he started sending me vibrators, and lingerie, and electronics, and sex books…. *Giggles*

I don’t know, I just got started thinking about that this moning, and I was thinking….if that guy only knew what kind of “monster” he created!! Lol… How much fun would it be to call him up and tell him? :) I’d never do it….but the thought? YES, that’s definitely appealing!

SO, I’ll be logging on in umm…let’s say 15 minutes or so. So by 3:30pm EST, and I’ll be available and taking calls until 9pm EST. So call me tonight! I haven’t cum since yesterday and I think I’m due for an orgasm. Or two. At least! *Giggles* Besides, tomorrow is Princess Day, so after tonight, you won’t be able to reach me till Wednesday.

Bye for now!

PS I forgot! A few special thank yous: To my favorite weatherman for keeping his promise. (You know what I mean, sweetie! I can’t wait!) To my sexy Irish guy for helping me out-AGAIN! (I really, REALLY appreciate it, my luv! Have a good trip!) And to an old friend, who I reconnected with this weekend….(It was SO nice talking with you again! About everything…let’s do it again sometime soon!) OH! And, last but not least, to my new master, for offering the “slow, warm spanking”…. I don’t think I need it yet, Sir. But I’ll remember! Lol… Bye again, guys!

2 Responses to “My first time….”

  1. Brian says:

    Your welcome.

  2. Kylie says:

    YAY! You read that!! :) I wasn’t sure if you would….but I’m glad you did!


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