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Wednesday night….

Hi guys :) I just wanted to write a quick note for now…I spent my whole Princess Day in bed yesterday with the sniffles and the remnants of that stupid cold. *Pouts* I guess it wasn’t as gone as I thought it was. I did get a whole night of sleep last night so I do feel better~ but I had LOTS of errands to run this afternoon so now I’m tired. And a little hungry! Lol… But mostly tired.

So, I’m not going to be available and taking calls tonight as planned. I’m SO sorry in advance, in case you were looking to play with me! :( I think I’m just going to have some soup and watch a movie and go to bed WAY early to make sure I feel completely better tomorrow. I don’t think I’ve made myself cum since Monday night! (I know, sounds like forever, doesn’t it?! Lol) Anyway, I’ll write more here tomorrow before I log on. I promise!

Have a good night guys! Bye for now!

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