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All better :)

Hi guys :) Well, I did just what I said I was going to do last night…I made some soup (yes, the canned variety, I’m not quite ambitious enough to try to make my own yet! Lol) and curled up in bed with my Arnold cat watching movies until I fell asleep. I was so tired when I got into bed, but then I watched this movie, “Lucky Number Slevin”

and I got so wound up I had to watch the second half all over again so I was up later than I planned! OMG It was so good!! Have any of you guys ever heard of that movie, even? I didn’t know what it was before it came in the mail…I don’t remember seeing any previews for it when it was out. And you would think I would have, considering that it had so many big names….including my personal favorite, Bruce Willis! I swear, that man looks yummier and yummier to me the older he gets! :)

Anyway, I don’t want to give away too much, cause you guys have to see it. I will tell you though, that the cover had some review quote on it, something like, “Take all the best parts of “Pulp Fiction”, “The Usual Suspects”, and “The Professional” and put them together and you get this movie.” I thought that was a little “ambitious” when I read it, to say the least…but no, it’s pretty true. Seriously. So rent it and watch it and think of me while you do! :) Try not to get too distracted thinking of me while you watch though…I’d hate for you to miss any good parts cause you got the urge to touch your cock… *Smiles*

Wow, did I just get sidetracked! Okay, let’s see…what else did I need to tell you? Oh! I’m feeling much better, still a few sniffles and all, but no sneezing or headache or anything, thank god! Thanks so much to all of you who emailed to tell me sweet things to make me feel better! And thanks even MORE to those of you who have already called me today to say the same thing! I guess you guys must have missed me, cause my phone’s been ringing off the hook already this afternoon! I think the next time I get sick, I should be my OWN doctor and “prescribe” myself at least 3 orgasms every day. Cause I just got done playing with my sweetheart KB, and having my first orgasms in days? And I feel better now than I have since last week! (So TY, sweetie! I’ll be a good girl and remember what you told me to do.)

So, if any of you have been seriously missing me while I’ve been off~or if you’ve tried to reach me this afternoon and couldn’t get through~no worries! I’m available now, and I’ll be taking calls until 9pm or later EST tonight. And yes, I’m still horny…yes, my voice is completely back to normal….and yes, I’m looking cute and sexy this afternoon in some peach cotton boyshort panties and a white tank top. Should I keep going and tell you I shaved my sweet lil pussy nice and clean this morning? *Giggles* Anyway, I wanna play some more! So call me tonight!

Bye for now!

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