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I’m so happy!!

Hi guys :) Yes, I know, I’m late…again! Lol… But I’m so happy!! I’ve been spending the last hour or so emailing with Tee, my web designer, to get my new Niteflirt listings up and running! And now, even though it made me an hour late logging on, they’re up and I think they look GREAT! Let’s see if I can give you a link to check them out…. Okay, the first one is here, and the second one is here. My ass is featured pretty prominently…as so many of you have been telling me lately how much you like it! *Giggles* But seriously, check them out and leave me a comment to tell me what you think! Pretty please? :)

I stayed up till almost 2am last night taking calls…and my apparent “popularity” continued right up till I fell into bed exhausted! *Smiles* You guys are always telling me I take too much time off…but I think I might like it when you guys are missing me! Cause then you call me all night long to tell me all the naughty thoughts you’ve been having about me! :) You know I’m just teasing….but seriously! You made your sweet lil girl VERY happy last night! So I should do favorite callers…..

Well, my sweet, sexy weatherman called me early on, with some really naughty fantasies….involving me…and my sweet, bald lil pussy….and his big cock….some spankings…you know, all the stuff I absolutely LOVE! :) And what do bad lil girls get when they’re not around to play as much as they should be? I know already mentioned the spanking…but I also got a huge load of cum all over my face and my tongue! I think I may have surprised him when I begged for that at the end of our call…. But it was definitely a GOOD surprise! (TY again, my luv….that call was SO fucking hot! Can you believe we’ve been talking almost a whole year? I know, me either….)

And, my sweetheart TexasTed ~who will now and forever be known as just TT…it’s just way easier to abbreviate. Anyway, TT was also very naughty with me last night….apparently, you guys are actually paying attention when I tell you which fantasies are my favorites? *Smiles* I won’t go into too much detail about that call….let’s just say he surprised me….pleasantly surprised me….and I came SUPER wet all over my fingers and my favorite yummy pink vibe! And that’s not all! He left me my favorite feedback last night, too….so I’ll share it below…but you can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

Kylie Darling, Again you have rocked my world. I sure hope the other guys who read these comments understand that there is absolutely no better anywhere else. You are the very best. The sexiest, the sweetiest and the most attentive women…mmmmmm Guys, don’t waist your time anywhere else… Try her once and she will have you cumming back for more. Love you baby….

SO sweet! (I had so much fun playing…and just talking with you last night, sweetie! I can’t wait till we do it again this weekend….)

SO, I’m available and taking calls now, and I will be until at least 9 or 10pm EST. And I’m horny!! So if you are too, call me tonight!! I just got out of the shower, I’m wearing some super short powder blue cotton shorts and a white tank top with spaghetti straps….no bra OR panties. You’re all *officially* invited to call and get me out of this outfit though…..any takers? :)

Bye for now, guys!

2 Responses to “I’m so happy!!”

  1. da weatherman says:

    Yes, it has indeed been almost a full year of bliss my sweet, sweet Kylie! The new listing and pics are GREAT! Such a sweet voice, a sharp mind, and a body to die for…what more could a guy ask for? :) And yes, I like it when you read my mind baby…until next time…

  2. Kylie says:

    Telling everyone about my psychic talents now, are we? Lol… That’s okay…. I’ll be waiting till next time too :)


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