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Saturday afternoon….

Hi guys :) Okay, so I’m logged on now, have been for an hour or so. Yes, I WAS late again, but I actually woke up early this morning and went walking. And I swear, it was already burning hot outside even at 8:30 in the morning!! Of course I had to wear next to nothing so I wouldn’t sweat to death….some super short black shorts and a white Nike halter top…just for your visual…. It was too early for me to run into anyone though…the only guy I saw was a rather large black lab. And he was pulling up plants in someone’s yard and NOT wearing a leash….I’m not afraid of dogs but I got a little scared and crossed to the other side of the street! Lol…

Anyway, so I walked about a mile and a half, and napped a little, and had breakfast/lunch…and then I decided to reward myself for being such an early riser with a yummy pink marshmallow bubble bath! *Smiles* Anyway, my point here is….I logged on at 4 but STILL none of you are calling me! Which wouldn’t be a big deal normally…cause I can always use some extra time to tweak my websites and read message boards and stuff! :) Except for two things:

Number one: NONE of you guys called me yesterday either!! I think that yesterday was officially my slowest day ever. Seriously! Do you guys not like my new listings or something? Lol… I had like ONE call and that was it…so I logged off to go have dinner and watch, “BattleStar Galactica” season 2 (which was great, BTW) at about 8pm EST. But then, that brings me to the second thing.

Number two: At about 2am last night/this morning, I went to check my Niteflirt, and saw I had missed not one, but TWO arranged calls from my MWAllan…who I’ve been missing terribly lately and haven’t talked to in forever! So, I switched myself on to “alerts” until 2:30, hoping he would call me back. And he didn’t. So I went to bed. Then I woke up this morning and saw that he tried to call me back like, 10 minutes after I went to sleep and I missed him again!! Grrrr that pisses me off!! It’s like one of my biggest pet peeves, missing arranged calls….especially if I’m actually home! (So if you read this sweetie, I’m really sorry! Try me again soon..I sent you a little something for next time.)

To be honest, I love the arrange a call feature on Niteflirt…it’s something I never had the option to do when I was taking calls for a service. BUT, it only works when you guys leave me a large window to get back to you!! If you arrange a call with me, give me at least two hours to return your call, if it’s possible! With only an hour long window, it’s very likely that we’ll end up missing eachother….cause if I’m doing something else, I only check my Niteflirt screens intermittently. And I always want to play with you, given the opportunity! *Smiles*

SO. I hope you guys are just busy and not forgetting about me completely? :) I’m available now, and I will be till like…10pm tonight. I think. I may be going out for drinks tonight with this girl Selena I used to work with a while back. I used to have a little “girly crush” on her, but she never picked up any of my hints. Or maybe she did, cause we haven’t talked in over a year, and she still called to see if I wanted to go out tonight? *Giggles* In case you’re curious…she’s a redhead (oh come on! You know all about my redhead fetish!) shoulder length hair, blue eyes, with D cup tits but a tiny little waist? Yummy! I think she’s like…30 or so? And she’s so smart! Which is always a plus…in my book anyway. Airheads most definitely turn me OFF! :)

Anyway, even if I do go out tonight, I won’t be done taking calls any earlier than 9pm EST. So call me tonight!! I’m having my first glass of wine as we speak…and you know how horny I get when I get a little tipsy! Don’t you? *Giggles* Some of you are already starting to cum out and play with me as I finish writing here…so I guess I’ll have quite a list of favorite callers to mention tomorrow! So TY guys~keep the calls coming! I wanna cum some more tonight! :)

Bye for now, guys!

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