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Making your sweet lil girl smile :)

Hi guys :) WELL, let me tell you…you guys made me a VERY happy lil girl last night!! Seriously! So…all I have to do is be honest and tell you guys when I’m not getting any calls and you’ll all cum out and play with me?? WOW… I fucking LOVE it!! :) Right as I finished writing yesterday, my phone started ringing and it really never stopped until almost midnight! Which, in case you’re wondering, is a VERY good thing!! All joking aside though…I always try to make sure you guys know how much I appreciate you, so I hope you always know that I am FULLY aware of how well you all take care of me! In return for how HARD I make your cocks and how HARD I make you cum for me, of course! *Giggles* But that’s just details…

So, favorite callers? Let’s see…. Mmm..the DarkSoul called to tell me how much he missed me…I think I was missing him more though~I may have shocked him a little bit with how hard I came! Lol… I couldn’t help it though…it was a totally yummy fantasy, and that thing he does that drives me absolutely nuts? I can’t say anymore than that, but he knows what I mean. In any event, that call was the perfect way to start my night! (So TY, sweetie!)

Ummm…my MWAllan finally caught up with me after so many tries the other night! And we had a nice loooong call….a couple of them actually! I swear, my tight lil pussy was so wet at one point, I had to wipe myself off with a towel so I could keep rubbing my clit! SO yummy! Just so you know, I regularly get that wet when I’m actually being fucked…I usually end up wiping myself off a few times before I actually cum. :) It hasn’t happened for a while while I’ve been on a call though…I don’t know why. (Anyway, that call was HOT, sweetie~I missed you SO much!! Let’s not wait so long before next time!)

And, last but not least, my sexy Irish guy….mmm….my very sexy Irish guy. I think that accent is becoming quite addictive to me….I was positively *craving* it in the past few days since the last time we talked! Yes, he made me cum HARD, as usual….well, I *let* him pleasure me, rather. *Giggles* But he also left me my favorite feedback, which I will share below, but you can also read on my Women Home Alone/Sex Listing:

Tonight, I dropped by Kylie’s office and got another hot lesson in erotic fantasism. The sizzling new pictures on her listings affirm her beauty; her cute, sexy voice instantly excites, but (and its one of the most wonderful buts I’ve ever punctuated a sentence with) its her wonderful imagination that completes the gratifying, explosive damage. By call’s end I was floating so high that I could only respond to her in monosyllabic grunts. I feel like shouting it from the rooftops: a call with Kylie is the ultimate phone experience that leaves me daydreaming for hours, sometimes days afterwards. Thankfully her “Call Me” button is just a click away…

I hope he doesn’t mind too much that I always share his feedback notes… Hey, I can’t help it that he’s so good at writing them! Lol… But he’s also good at making this sweet lil girl VERY happy on a quite regular basis….so for that, he gets a HUGE TY!! With lots of long wet kisses! (So I hope you’re reading this, sweetie….)

So, I’ve been logged on for about an hour….no calls yet but I forgive you guys today, I know it’s a big football day so I can be patient. :) The Arnold cat and I are just cleaning my room, doing some laundry, and trying to get him adjusted to this new pink shag rug in my princess pink bedroom. I know, it sounds weird! But it’s furry, so he thinks it’s like, a “hostile invader” to his territory or something? He keeps growling at it and trying to protect me from it whenever I walk by. Lol….

Other than that, no huge plans tonight. I did NOT end up going out last night, in case you wondered, cause I was up taking calls too late and afterwards I was pretty tired. I slept almost 10 hours though, so now I’m wide awake and refreshed and horny as usual!! So call me tonight!! Even if it is after football. :) I’ll be available and taking calls till 9 or 10 pm EST.

Bye for now!

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