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Think of me….

Hi guys :) I’ve had such a weird, busy couple of days. FEW days, actually! Let’s see….well, Monday night was pretty slow on the phones….I had enough spare time to actually clean my hardwood floors and do dishes while I was still logged on. Isn’t that a sexy visual, though? Me washing dishes and stuff in my pink and white princess panties and a white baby t shirt? I usually take my shirt off while I wash dishes though…I hate getting my clothes all wet with dishwater! Yeah…I thought you might like that image! I’m being for real though…I really do! :)

Anyway, I switched to alerts a few times to run out and do some laundry. (Yes, get your minds out of the gutter! I put my shirt back on AND some shorts to run outside! Lol…) Of course that’s when you guys decided to call me, right? Lol… I swear, every time I stepped outside, that’s when I would miss a call~and I would only be gone for like 5 minutes at a time! Go figure…. I DID try and stay up till like 1am and stay available so you guys could get me if you wanted to, but *sigh*… I had a bunch of short calls, and one looong sexy call from my favorite weatherman, and that was it.

I got a bunch of new feedback from him actually…let’s see if I can find a good one to share with you. Of course, you can also always read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

She is THE BEST in the whole world…international baby! Such a sweet voice and VERY willing to go wherever and however you need her to be. You need to call this lil honey and just hear the sweetness ooze out of yer phone at you. You’ll be playing the details of the call over and over again in yer head…well worth every f-ing penny!

Hopefully he doesn’t mind too much that I shared….I think it will make him smile as much as I did when I read it though. (So TY, sweetie!)

Ummm…let’s see…Princess day was uneventful this week~just shopping and a pedicure (pink and white again…I can’t get over having a french manicure on my toes! It looks so sexy to me!) and a LOT of yummy cat naps! No bubble baths, though…I was too busy late night watching more, “BattleStar Galactica”~and WOW, do I love that show!! Then today, a little more shopping~Erin and I went to Lowe’s and bought lots of stuff for my house….just stupid stuff, carpet cleaner and bug spray and domestic stuff~nothing too sexy, lol. :)

But THEN we went out to dinner at this new Italian place that I’d been wanting to try, and it was SO fucking awful!! I mean SERIOUSLY awful. If I thought they had more than just the one here in Florida, I would name them by NAME just so you could avoid ever going there! It was that bad.

There were waiters like, everywhere, like each one only had two tables and then half of them had trainees so you couldn’t even walk to get to the bar or the bathroom? The wine was absolute *shit*, my steak was overdone, and the tomato sauce on my side of pasta was…I think it was *worse* than Chef Boyardee. For real! And you know, since I worked in restaurants for so long, I usually won’t complain if my food’s at least edible. But this was most certainly not…so I complained and I didn’t have to pay for it (since I barely ate it!) and we left super pissed off. And my waiter was *very* obviously not into women…so we couldn’t even make ourselves feel better by flirting with him! *Pouts*

Luckily, there was a brand new little wine boutique like a block away, that neither of us had been to yet? OH, the perks of having my own personal very best girlfriend/sommelier! *Giggles* We stayed in that store for like an hour (I had to stay till I felt better!) and she helped me pick out some Chilean wine, and some fun stuff from New Zealand with Marilyn Monroe on the bottle….and 8 or ten others for next week, of course! We’re having some of the Chilean stuff right now….and it’s pretty good. Very affordable too…and that’s always a good thing. :)

But, in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s getting pretty late, and Erin’s still here, so I’m not going to be logging on to take calls tonight. I know, I’m so sorry!! I’m missing you guys though, so I decided to write an entry here anyway, cause it’s been a few days and I’ve gotten a few emails from some of you wishing I’d make myself available. We’ll be staying in tonight though, and she’ll probably be leaving in about an hour, so if you’re really just *super* horny and you don’t want to wait till I’m back tomorrow afternoon, feel free to arrange a call with me and I’ll take your call as soon as I possibly can. I’m going to update my hours this week too…maybe add on a couple late nights again. I’ll let you know when to check my site for updates.

And I guess that’s it! Try not to miss me too much…well, you can miss me A LOT though…AND you can touch your cock while you think of me! Actually, consider that a request from your sweet lil girl? *Giggles* And you can look for me tomorrow afternoon~cause I’ll be climbing the walls by then, I haven’t made my pussy cum since Tuesday morning!! Have a great night, guys!

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