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Ask and I shall receive…

Hi guys :) The title is referring to my entry yesterday….I swear you guys are so good to me!! I mentioned last night that I was missing being spoiled, and what did you guys do? I got some yummy tips and some even yummier naughty stories, and a couple of appointments made for today…..which I just finished up with~that’s why I’m only just now becoming available, in case you wondered. :) But seriously~thank you thank you so much for taking care of your sweet lil girl when I asked you to!! I’ll try to ask as little as possible from now on so you’ll all know I only ask when I’m feeling really neglected. *Smiles* Oh~and I ALSO have to say special thank yous to my sweetheart WD and my Wildcat….for being so sweet to me!! You know how much I love it!! :)

While I’m mentioning favorites, I should also share some yummy feedback from the DarkSoul that I got this weekend….I meant to share it earlier but I had LOTS and so it slipped my mind. The CALL didn’t slip my mind though….it was super fucking yummy good~as usual!! You can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

Holy phonesex Batman! Wow! If Guiness kept records on such things, I think Kylie just set a world record for hottest phonesex call in the history of the world… The more we get to know each other, the hotter the calls get. How can it get hotter than what I just experienced? I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out! Such a sweet girl / such a naughty girl. Perfect in every way.

SO sweet!! (So thank you SO much again, sweetie!!) So…what am I up to today….? Well, I’m available and taking calls, doing some web stuff~my sites were down for a little bit earlier this afternoon, stupid web hosting stuff AGAIN that made me mad and made me *pout*. I HATE it when that happens!! Grrr… But everything is back up now, so I’m happy…and feeling sexy….and looking forward to playing with you guys tonight! :)

I’ll be taking calls till 9 or 10pm EST, so if you want to play with me a lil bit, you should totally call me tonight!! I’m listening to Sonya Kitchell and wearing all white right now…white cotton boyshorts, white tank top with spaghetti straps, no panties, as usual! Wanna help me get my lil panties all wet? Of course you do!! So cum and play with me and I promise we’ll do exactly that. *Giggles*

Bye for now!!

2 Responses to “Ask and I shall receive…”

  1. da weatherman says:

    OMG…you’re wearing white after Labor Day? My friends on the Style Network would die…lol… Will call you soon baby!

  2. Kylie says:

    I missed this comment from you till just now!! OMG I can’t believe you just said that!! Lol… And you’d BETTER call me soon, my love~

    xoxo, Kylie

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