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Sunday afternoon….

Hi guys :) Just a quick note for now, cause I just now logged on to be available and taking calls. I know I’m late!! Don’t remind me!! Lol… I woke up at like 7am casue my Arnold Cat was having a “kitty crazy” running back and forth down the hallway TOO early in the fucking morning!! Well, between that, and the construction going on behind my house, and the power going out briefly so all my AC units started beeping, AND the lunatic knocking to ask if the bike in my yard was mine cause he wanted to borrow it? NO, it’s not mine, I think it belongs to my new gay neighbor so I don’t care what he does with it! But after he saw me and started talking to me, he just wouldn’t go away!! I barely opened the door to talk and he just kept standing there, and asking me stuff? And I was geting SO irritated!! I guess if I want guys to go away when they knock on my door, I should wear more than my Hello Kitty panties and a tank top when I answer? *Giggles* But it’s not my fault!!! Lol… I wasn’t expecting company!! :)

Since I didn’t go to sleep till like 2am…I was more than a little pissed off!! But I had some, “Nip/Tuck” to watch, so I didn’t go back to sleep, I just stayed in bed (completely naked of course, I took all that stuff off after the weirdo went away.) and watched that till like 2pm. THEN my mommy called me, so I talked to her till just after 4. And THEN I had to take a yummy pink bubble bath, courtesy of my sweet sweet weatherman (TY sweetie!)…so of course I had to shave my legs and my lil pussy all sweet and clean…. You know how I do :)

Anyway, I guess I just gave you the whole recap of my day so far! *Smiles* I’ll be taking calls till 9 or 10pm EST tonight, just FYI. After that, I’ll be on tomorrow afternoon. RIGHT at 3pm EST, I promise!! But I’m horny tonight!! So call me!!

Bye for now guys!

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