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She LOVES her toys….

Hi guys! :) I swear, all day I was thinking how I was going to “play hard to get” and wait to write a note to you here….but I had SUCH a good day and I was in SUCH a good mood I couldn’t wait anymore! Lol… Okay, let’s see…I’ve spent almost ALL of the past two days shopping. New curtains, panties, some cute stuff to wear while I’m taking calls~short shorts and tank tops and halter tops and stuff. Then I needed groceries, and more stuff for my house, some new CD’s…you know, the usual. *Giggles* I probably shouldn’t have spoiled myself quite this much right before the beginning of the month…but once I get started it’s kind of hard to stop sometimes! :)

I ALSO got a package in the mail of some stuff I bought online last week. I opened it right before I logged on to be available tonight, and OMG I fucking LOVE it!! Wanna see what I bought? *Smiles* Okay.

Well. All I can say about THAT is that I *enjoyed* it. A LOT!!! Oooh, there’s this vibrating egg thing inside? And I put lube on it and then I use it? So it feels SO just like someone’s really licking my clit. And you all KNOW how much I love that!! I came three times with it! All by myself and all over my fingers! So I’ve decided…I may need LOTS more sex toys!! Maybe I’ve been limiting myself sticking with only the 4 I already have? :) I’ve heard that there are sites where you can make a “sex toy wishlist” just like my Amazon one, only it’s all sex toys….I should look into that, I think! *Giggles* I’ll let you guys know….

And right before I logged on tonight, I was at Erin’s house taking some new pictures so you guys can all see me with my new hair color. Don’t worry, I won’t make you guys wait too long!! I’ll post them once I wade through them all to find the best ones, and I’ll probably even make new listings again soon. It looks HOT though, and she curled it all loose and sexy for me? My hair, I mean…. I don’t know, I’m sure you’ll like it. Maybe I’ll even send a couple previews to a few of you if you call and make me cum soon? :)

And I guess that’s it! I’ll only be taking calls for a bit longer tonight, so call me if you missed me!! If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me tomorrow afternoon right at 3pm EST. Bye for now!!

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