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I’m SO spoiled and LOVING it!

Hi guys :) WOW, am I such a happy girl today!! Well…wait. To be honest, I woke up really cranky cause I got woken up too early….these people across the street from me were mowing their whole lawn using a weedwhacker? Is that how you spell that? I’ve never had one, so I’m not sure…anyway, what kind of sense does that make?? Aren’t those things only supposed to be for weeds? Like small jobs? UGH! Anyway, so I was so cranky, but then I got the mail, and I got some more stuff I bought online…a new CD (Justin Timberlake, which I don’t like, even though I wanted it so bad) some new bras (in crazy colors too! Pink, and turquoise, and bright green. I know, it sounds crazy…but I had to match some panties I bought last week.) AND, more Hello Kitty panties!! OMG, they’re so cute…they have her face on my hip, and then across my ass it says, “Hello, Kitty!” I love them! *Smiles* They’re official issue too….

Okay, so I didn’t think the day could get much better…but then my sexy Irish guy did what he does best…doing favors for me to get me all happy and smiling like he always does so well! (Thanks SO much again, my luv!) And THEN, I just went to check my wishlist? And someone’s been spoiling me rotten again!! That particular someone, this time, would be my sweet, sweet, amazingly sexy weatherman (I know it was you…don’t even TRY to lie so you can surprise me when we speak next, mister….you gave yourself away with your choices so I KNOW it was you! And thank you, thank you SOOO much!!) And now, not only do I just love the lots and lots of prezzies that are on their way to me…I am now officially at five whole pages of wishlist prezzies!! Just over 5, actually! (There’s twenty on each page…so you do the math.)

BOY, am I a spoiled rotten lil girl!! You realize, of course, that I’ve only seen a few girls’ wishlists who have received as many prezzies as I have…and THEY were all financial dommes….I.E., give me all your money, I rape your wallet and take your whole paycheck? Like that. And since I’m not really a “full time” financial domme….you get my point. Spoiled brat? Yes. Hard core domme princess? Unfortunately, no. :) I keep telling you guys how I love your constant attention and devotion…I’m going to have to add more stuff to my wishlist now!! I’m getting cleaned out again! :)

So….did I mention you guys are so good to me? WOW are you so good to me!! You’ll be happy to know, that this round of spoiling your sweet lil girl has put me in an incredibly horny lil mood! I swear, getting new prezzies makes my pussy wet!! *Giggles* And I’m available and taking calls right now~until at least 9pm EST. I’m listening to Nelly Furtado (a gift from my master AF a while back….where has he been anyway? It’s been a while…) and wearing some of the new stuff I bought yesterday~a *very* low cut peach cotton tank top with spaghetti straps and black boyshort panties. *Very* sexy, I promise! :) Hopefully, you’ll all decide to make my happy day even happier and call me tonight? Make me cum a few times with my new toy, maybe? :) I guess we’ll see….

Bye for now, guys!!

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