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Monday night…..

Hi guys :) I know, I’m late as usual writing to you…wasn’t it a great trend I started a few weeks ago, writing every day before I logged on to start taking calls? *Smiles* I know, it was…but in case you haven’t noticed already, I’m a BAD lil procrastinator, so I’m only just getting to writing now.

I was out almost all morning, actually…first I went to the gym and Erin met me there. She parties too much still though…she couldn’t keep up with me after like 30 minutes so she had to go wait for me in the car. And when I got done, I went out there? And she had her feet up on her dashboard, was smoking a cigarette, and talking on her cell phone. AS USUAL. LOL! No big deal though, I didn’t care…we came back to my house and took showers and then went to the mall for a bit. Totally window shopping though! I’ve already spent my “allowance” this month for girly stuff I don’t really need. *Giggles*

SO, now I’m at my desk, available and taking calls…I have been since 3:30 or so. Just for your visual: sky blue tank top with spaghetti straps, black boyshort panties, and I’m actually wearing a BRA today! (I know! What’s up with that? Lol) Just a black cotton push up bra that matches my panties….I don’t know, I guess I’m just in a “cleavage” mood today or something. Probably, it’s just that I didn’t feel like getting completely naked when I got back from the mall….. But that’s just details! And you liked them, didn’t you? *Giggles*

Let’s see…do I have favorite callers to mention…? Not quite yet, although you guys ARE calling me already tonight~so TY!! But I DO have some favorite feedback, from my sweetie TR. You can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

the more time i spend with this girl, the better she gets. but damn i wish i could last longer sometimes – she’s almost too good in that respect! thanks again for a wonderful slice of time, Kylie.

See? So sweet! I love reading stuff like that! (So TY, sweetie!) Oh, and~good news! I will be available Wednesday night this week, as usual. But still~(I know you all know) tonight is my last night being available till after Princess Day! So if you’re horny? Call me tonight!!

And I guess that’s it! Bye for now!

Sexy Dreams….

Hi guys :) Okay, so I had the BEST day playing with you guys yesterday!! Lots and lots of calls~and you all know how much I love it when you keep my phone ringing off the hook! So TY. *Smiles* I’ll get into favorite callers in a sec-but it was the weirdest thing last night! I logged off and had some dinner, then I watched some “CSI-NY” and went to sleep pretty early. Well, I guess midnight isn’t THAT early….but I got to set my clock back right before bed so it was really only 11, right? Lol….

Anyway, back to my point. So, I went to sleep, and I kept having all these sex dreams! Like seriously, multiple sex dreams ALL night long!! With different people, even! One time, it was 2 girls (yes, I was licking pussy), another time, it was my neighbor (the old one next door, not the gay one in back! Lol…) anther time it was my old BF from high school (he just fucked me in the backseat of his car). Strange….

The weird thing was…I was fully aware that I was dreaming the whole time? But I kept telling myself to stay asleep and make myself cum! Cause I was SO fucking horny I needed to make my pussy cum! But…how can I explain…like, I thought I was sleeping but I knew I was almost awake? So I kept trying to rub my clit and make myself cum, and then I would wake up and my hand was still outside my covers. ARRGH! I wonder if that’s some brain response…keeping me from actually doing it so just in case I’m around other people I won’t embarrass myself? :) I’ll have to do some research on that later. Either way, it was driving me NUTS!!

So finally, after this happened 3 or 4 times, I got out my vibrator (my MONSTER big vibe from my sweetie PK) and just made myself cum and went back to sleep! Lol… See? I get up to all kinds of interesting stuff when I’m not online to play with you! *Giggles*

Okay, SO~favorites from yesterday….well, my sweet KB called to make me his cock sucking slut…definitely a role I play to perfection, I must say!! (Maybe it’s cause I am one in real life? Hmmm…) AND, my new Loser41, who “can’t live without his Princess Kylie”, apparently. :) Of course he misbehaved, so of course I had to punish him appropriately! *Giggles* I think I’m going to keep him though…he’s kind of like a stray cat who followed me home or something….he’s happy with the scraps I give him and he gives me LOTS of love for the smallest little kindnesses. LOL!!! (But seriously, Loser…don’t forget what you promised.)

Do I have favorite feedback…..let’s see….not really from yesterday…. So I’ll share some from Friday, from J31, but you can also read this on my Fantasy/Roleplay Listing

This girl has got to be the sexiest girl on Niteflirt! Her voice is very sexy and her imagination is unbelievable. She is a definate must call!!

VERY sweet!! (so TY, sweetie!!) And I guess that’s it! I’m available and taking calls now, and I should be till at least 9pm EST, maybe later. I guess you guys are thinking of me, cause I’ve already had a few loong calls today~which is a good thing!! Keep it coming!! Call me tonight!! Bye for now!

See? I AM really a Princess!! :)

Hi guys! :) So…I know, I was totally late logging on today….I got stuck talking to my mom for like forever, and then I decided I needed a bubble bath to cheer me up….which took longer than expected. Funny how that happens…that I love talking to my mommy SO much (we talk almost daily) but she’s always very blunt with her truths and so after we talk? I end up in kind of a sad mood. Hmmm…

Not to worry though!! I had a purple sparkly jasmine scented bubble bath and I soaked for almost an hour….so when I finally logged on at 5pm EST, I was in a GREAT mood!! But then what happens? NONE of you guys are calling me!! What’s up with that?? *Giggles* I did just get a *very* yummy call from a new guy…I’ll call him “WG” for now. And can I just say, that it’s the sexiest thing in the whole wide world when you guys call me and tell me all about how you’ve actually *read* my site and my blog here? OMG does that make me smile!! So WG most definitely made your sweet lil girl VERY happy!! (And I thank you sweetie….even beyond all that! You made me cum so fucking hard!!)

Hmm…let’s see…favorite callers from yesterday….well, “J31″, who I *properly* put in his place by making him my poor little cuckold husband! Lol…. He liked it though, I promise!! I wouldn’t do it just to be cruel…. *Evil Grin* And, my brand new “Loser 41″…who I put through all kinds of indignities before I actually let him call me. LOL!! And yes, just in case you wondered…if you’re pathetic enough to actually email to TELL me up front that you’re a virgin loser before you call? I’ll always make sure to hit you (and your wallet!!) where it hurts before I give you permission to actually speak to me! *Giggles* He was *very* well behaved though….and so he got my permission to call me again sometime. :) Maybe my pussy boy is right when he tells me that I’m really a domme princess, I just don’t know it yet? Hmmm…..

I also have some favorite feedback to share with you, to that end….it’s from my new Loser 41, but you can also read it on my Anything Goes Listing:

awesome call, Princess Kylie has a great voice and really knows how to use a loser.

See?? Told you!! I AM really a Princess!! Lol!! (But seriously, if you’re reading this, you pleased me VERY much, dear heart…call me soon and let me use you again! That’s an order.)

SO, I’m available and taking calls now, probably till about 10:30pm EST. I’m finally getting calls as I finish this…so maybe you guys DO miss me after all? *Smiles* So if you haven’t called me yet? And you’re horny? Call me tonight!! I still wanna cum some more! :) Oh, and just so you guys are warned, I may be taking Tuesday AND Wednesday completely off next week. I’ll let you know closer to then….just giving you a heads up just in case. Bye for now!!

2,000 Points on my main listing!!

Hi guys! :) I know, I know, it’s a crazy title…and the sentiment behind it might seem a little silly to you, too! Cause I know you guys think us Niteflirt girls are crazy with all our talk about feedback and ratings, etc…. To be completely honest, the reason I always ask you guys for feedback is because it really makes me smile to read what you thought of the time we spend playing together. It hasn’t really been a “competitive” thing since I hit 1000 points earlier this year….but that’s not to say that I’m not a little competitive sometimes! Lol…

Either way, I reached 2000 last night, and I was so happy when I saw it that I did a little happy dance with my Arnold cat!! I’m SO being for real~I picked him up and we danced around my desk chair! :) I’m not sure if it was a good thing or not for me to share that particular visual with you…. but I always like to let you guys picture me! So try not to laugh too hard! *Giggles* Anyway, thanks to all of you for remembering the whole feedback thing, MOST of the time! Lol… In case you didn’t notice, it really makes your sweet lil girl SO very happy!! :)

Let’s see…what else to tell you…. Well, I spent most of yesterday being totally monopolized by my pussy boy. I wonder how it’s possible that I can have such happy feelings about a guy who is completely up front about the fact that his tiny cock could never satisfy me? Maybe it’s cause he’s not my boyfriend, so I never have to worry about actually being disappointed with it? Hmmm…. (Either way, you most certainly DO deserve dessert after yesterday, sweetie! Thanks for being so sweet~like always!)

I had a few other short calls, but no other favorites to mention. So now, I’m at my desk, listening to music and playing on the PC. I’m available and taking calls now, I should be till at least 9pm EST. So call me tonight!! Just FYI: I may be doing a late night on the phones on Saturday….what’s daylight savings good for if not to make my pussy cum a few more times than usual? *Giggles*

Bye for now!!

Come warm me up? :)

Hi guys! :) Yes, it’s Wednesday, so I’m back from Princess day…and you’ll be happy to know that this week, it went MUCH better than last week! Lol… My only complaint would be that I went to sleep Monday night with my AC on? And then I woke up Tuesday morning freezing my ass off!!! Seriously, it was fucking COLD! I guess I had fooled myself into thinking it would stay summer forever cause it was so damn hot here the last few months…. I don’t know, but I can’t even run my ceiling fans now, my house is so cold. I actually have the heat on right now!! I guess I would be warmer if I would actually wear clothes….but you know me! :) It’s just pink and white boyshort panties and a peach colored tank top….for now, anyway. Until one of you gets them off me…. Maybe some of you will be kind enough to come warm me up tonight? *Giggles*

I didn’t do too much these last couple days…just had some “me” time….I felt like I needed it. Lots of bubble baths, lots of reading…I’m reading some 17th century French fiction…well, that’s the period they’re set in anyway! Lol… I finished one book and I’m 2/3 done with the next one already! Once I get started reading, sometimes, I just can’t stop. :) I did a little shopping, I went to the gym both days, so a little bit of working out…and catching up on stuff on my DVR that I had recorded. Mostly “CSI, Miami” and that new show, “Heroes”? OMG is that show so good!!! If you haven’t checked it out yet, you totally should~I mean it!! You would love it. :)

Let’s see…what else….well, favorite callers from Monday night! Special hellos to my favorite “phone sex virgin” (who is SOOO not a virgin anymore!! We get pretty naughty lately, don’t we, sweetie? *Smiles* Thanks for calling to play with me, I can’t wait to talk to you again!) and my pussy boy….who yet again, I won’t go into detail about (but you make sure you call me if you need me, my luv! I saw those highlights, BTW…)

And I guess that’s it! Oh, except to say that if you’ve emailed me in the last couple of days~no worries! I’ll be responding to you shortly!! Part of the whole idea behind my “Princess Day” is that I totally decompress, which means I don’t even look at the computer while I’m off. Mostly because I start getting notes from you guys and getting the urge to log on and play! *Giggles* Anyway, my point is, don’t think I’m ignoring you!! I promise I’m not…and we’ll catch up *very* soon. I PROMISE promise!!

SO, I’m available and taking calls now, and I will be till at least 9:30pm EST, as long as you guys are calling me, that is! :) So if you missed me (LOTS and lots, like I missed you!!) and you’re horny (cause I am!!), call me tonight!! Bye for now!

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