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Sunday afternoon~

Hi guys :) So, I was debating whether or not to write today…I was just kind of tired when I woke up today (my sleep was pretty restless last night) and I was a little bit late logging on~as usual! Lol…

But not really… Right after I woke up, I saw I had an arranged call from my MWAllan, who I’m always missing lately cause we don’t talk as much. So I got to have a SUPER naughty play session with him….playing with my new toy (of course!) and cumming really wet and yummy all over it AND my fingers! SO fucking hot!!

So I went and took a shower…shaved my tight lil pussy all sweet and clean and got my skin all silky soft with some of my apricot body lotion, then put on some more of the new stuff I bought last week. Today it’s a white tank top…VERY low cut with spaghetti straps, no bra, and some light pink cotton shorts…super short, I might add, with no panties. Do you like the visual? Now, don’t go getting mad at me, guys…you know how much I like to tease you!! *Giggles*

BUT, I digress… Okay, so I went out to my computer and saw that my sweetie BL emailed to show me the new buttons he made for me for my website. Should I show them to you? Cause they’re really fucking cute!! Okay…here they are:

Aren’t they adorable?? You’ll notice, that these are some of my new pictures with my natural hair color. (Thank you SOOO much, my luv!!) Now, for those of you who haven’t called me yet, you can click the buttons you see above to join Niteflirt and get free minutes to talk with me. So you should totally check them out…it’s a really good deal. Plus, I always love meeting new guys to cum on the phone with!! :)

Okay…so after that, I’m sitting at my PC, in a happy mood, and getting ready to log on. So, I check my website stats to see where my hits are coming from. And I see a web address within them that I wasn’t expecting. That url is , and for those of you who don’t know, that site and it’s editors review everything sex related. They have a huge backlog, so it’s a HUGE deal to get reviewed by them, and an even HUGER deal to get an, “Original/Quality” rating. But I did!!! (They like me, they really like me! LMAO!!) Anyway, all joking aside…you can read my review here. I’ve submitted my site to them like at least 5 times since I started this little journey back last November, and it took them till now to get to me. But, I have NO COMPLAINTS!! And now your sweet lil girl is so, SO happy!!!

So…favorite callers…let’s see…my sweetie KB from yesterday (you made me cum SO hard that time, Sir!! I hope I pleased you!) Of course, my MWAllan…who I teased mercilessly until he was begging me to let him cum…SO much fun!! (So TY, sweetie!) AND, my sweet sweet weatherman….who I actually need to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to…..because this weekend marks the 1 year anniversary since we first started talking. (So happy anniversary, my luv!) It turns out that all of my prezzies were actually anniversary prezzies….and I’ve actually already gotten a few of them. (Just FYI, more prezzies for your sweet lil girl are always a good thing, no matter what the occasion.) :)

Anyway, I’m available and taking calls now, I will be until at least 9pm EST. So call me tonight!! I’m super horny and I want to cum some more! Bye for now!!

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