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It’s just a girl thing….

Hi guys :) I keep forgetting you guys can’t see a time stamp of when I write my entries anymore…I was about to ask if you were surprised that I’m early again today! Yes, it’s about 2:30 pm EST and I’m actually completely on time and writing a note to you before I get too busy to finish! Aren’t you proud of me? :)

I’ve been up for a while today…I went to the gym even though I was totally dragging ass when I woke up this morning. I just couldn’t go back to sleep no matter how hard I tried though, even AFTER making my pussy cum with my brand new toy! I swear, that thing is almost too much sometimes…I’ve been experimenting with the “levels” and turning the vibration WAY up right when I’m about to cum? But it’s so soft against my clit and then it goes really fast and after I cum….mmm, so yummy!! My pussy gets too sensitive to even move for like 5 whole minutes! No complaints here, though. None. None at all. *Giggles*

Okay, I digress again~back to the gym. Okay, so lately I’ve been dressing kind of….slutty…when I go to work out. Today it was light pink shorts with a white halter top and my hair up in a ponytail. I guess when I describe it like that it doesn’t sound too slutty…I guess you’d have to see it to see how short the shorts are and how much cleavage I’ve got going on. It’s sexy though…you guys would like it. :)

Anyway, I don’t see my personal trainer anymore, I just do the elliptical or the treadmill or whatever….I go in, I put on my MP3 player while I’m still in my car, so I can’t hear anything but my music and I couldn’t carry on a conversation with anyone even if I wanted to. SO, I’ll be on my machine, doing my thing, and a guy will come and start using the machine next to me. Of course I keep looking straight ahead, looking outside or at the TV above me or whatever. But occasionally I’ll look over to my side~not to make eye contact, not even looking at the guy, just in his general direction. And every time I look, the guy will start working harder, like going really fast? Making this HUGE effort not to look at me while I’m looking his way, but trying to show off and impress me or something? LOL!!

This has happened three times in the last few days with two different guys…. Like I said, I keep my headphones on the whole time so they can’t talk to me…at this point, I do it just for laughs cause it’s so funny!! One of them tried to talk to me as I was leaving today and I just acted like I couldn’t hear him and kept going. I might stop playing my “girl games” and let him talk to me one of these days~he’s cute enough, I guess. Actually, I most likely will, cause it’s been a while since my sweet lil pussy had some proper attention. But not yet! I’m still having too much fun teasing him. *Smiles* And that was not bitchy!! Don’t think that~you guys know how sweet I am, right? You should also know how much fun it is to tease you, though…. I think it’s just a girl thing. :)

SO, hopefully the Niteflirt system will be kinder to me tonight than it was last night….I kept having dropped calls and technical difficulties that were NOT my fault. And it was SO frustrating!! So, if you tried to reach me yesterday and couldn’t get me~or even if you didn’t and you’re just horny for me~call me tonight!! Cause I’m horny! (Seriously. I am.) I’ll be available and taking calls from 3:15pm EST until at least 9pm EST. If my calls are going through okay, I may stay up even later, but we’ll have to wait and see. If I do, I’ll write again here later to let you know.

Bye for now!

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