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New friends…and some old ones

Hi guys :) Well, I’ve been available and taking calls for about an hour so far, and I guess football is monopolizing you guys again? Lol.. I’ve only gotten one call so far this afternoon…granted, it was a rather looong one….so I’m saying sorry in advance if you were looking for me and couldn’t get a hold of me!! I’m off the phone now, so no worries…. Wait, I guess you already know I’m not on a call or I wouldn’t be writing here yet, would I….? Please excuse my blonde moment~let’s move on. LOL! :)

Okay, so I had the BEST time playing with you guys yesterday!! I ended up taking calls till 11pm cause I was still so fucking horny! Thank you SO much for cumming out to play with me! :) But, when I wasn’t busy playing with you, I was busy making some new friends! GIRLfriends, I mean. Girlfriends on Niteflirt, even!! Does it get any better than that?? *Giggles*

First, I made the acquaintance of Luscious Lyndee. We’ve been exchanging emails for a while now, but we’d never actually spoken until yesterday. And wow, is she SUCH a sweetie!! We chatted for a bit, then exchanged some more emails….maybe got just a little bit naughty… (Come on! She’s a redhead~how could I help myself??) *Smiles* But then, she introduced me to Angela St Lawrence, who is basically the QUEEN of intellectual and kinky phone sex. Remember when I told you guys that airheads turn me off? Umm..yeah. SO, meeting both of these intelligent ladies was such a fun treat!! Why am I telling you all this, you ask? Well, because occasionally you guys hit me with a fantasy that’s a little more “domme” than I can handle. And either of the two I just mentioned (I PROMISE you!!) can definitely fulfill all your D/S fantasies that you may be unwilling to share with me. Or if I’m ever just not available? Whatever~you know the drill, right? :)

Okay, so that’s it for new friends…on to my old ones. First, I played with my sweetie PK, who not only made me cum HARD~more than once~but told me I was such a good girl, he bought me a yummy new wishlist prezzie!! And you all know how much I love pretty presents! :) I’m not telling what it was yet…you’ll all have to wait till I get it before I’ll give any more details. But I still have to say TY!! To him for making this sweet lil girl feel SO special and appreciated!! (I can’t wait to get it, sweetie!! Ty Ty!!)

Then, I had a nice loooong call with my favorite weatherman….and WOW, what a nice, yummy call that was! He got me so excited, my pussy was getting too wet to use my new toy, so I had to change in the middle and start to fuck myself with my yummy pink vibe! And cum all over it of course….a few times…. *Giggles* But he also left me my favorite feedback, which I will share below, but you can also read on my Fantasy/Anything Goes Listing:

Kylie IS everything that a man could ever want! She’s beautiful, sexy, sweet, and very, very naughty! She makes me blow harder than ever…I think I need a cigarette afterwards…and I don’t even smoke! Thanx baby for another great call!!

See? I told you it was a yummy call! :) But either way, TY sweetie! (I can’t wait till we do it again soon….)

SO, I’ll be available and taking calls till at least 9pm EST or maybe later…hopefully you guys are missing me terribly so you’ll all find a moment to call me tonight!! I haven’t cum since this morning, and I shaved my sweet lil pussy all bald and clean the way you guys like it in my bubble bath this morning~so I’d say it definitely needs some attention!! Don’t you think? *Giggles*

Bye for now!!

3 Responses to “New friends…and some old ones”

  1. Kylie:

    Well…I was kinda-sorta cranky yesterday, but there you go saying something so very nice about me (and Lyndee, of course–but then again, who couldn’t?) and I now have a smile on my face. Friendship, true friendship, in the PSO world, is a rare and precious commodity. It is to be valued, treasured and, most of all, protected.

    But there are a lot of good gals slinging the smut around this WWW, and aren’t I the lucky one to have found you (and again, Lyndee) amongst that group. Do feel free to visit my blog and visit often. (linkage: it’s a good thing, don’t ya know?)


  2. Awww, my sweet little Kylie! I just think you are the cutest, sweetest and down to earth angel I have come across in awhile. It has been great getting to know you, and spending some playtime with you! It is nice to have finally found another very level headed PSO to hang with!! And, you cannot go wrong with the likes of ASL, trust me! She is my “sweet cheeks”….and, I am glad I could hook the two of you up.
    Hey, maybe the three of us can get together and play sometime? Won’t that just send the boys….and, PSO world CRAZY? Take care, sweets!

  3. Kylie says:

    See? I TOLD you guys I made some new friends! *Smiles* Thanks so much Lyndee and Angela, for coming by to visit~I’ll make sure I visit both of your blogs in the *very* near future!


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