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I can be wrong!

Hi guys! WOW, did you keep me a busy lil girl last night!! Boy!! I was thinking that sports on TV would keep you guys too busy to cum out and play, but I was wrong, wrong, wrong! And just so you know~in this one instance, I totally don’t mind being wrong! It’s a *very* good thing! Although I’m sure this means today and tomorrow will be hopelessly slow, cause I think every single one of my favorite guys called me last night! Lol… I guess we’ll see….

Anyway, so let’s see, favorite callers….well, a brand new guy, I’ll call him TR for now, called and wanted me to take charge. I don’t think he knew what kind of “sleeping giant” he was waking up when he asked me that, though! *Giggles* But it was fun~you all know how I like to let the bitch out every now and then, right? :) (I had SO much fun with you, sweetie! Call me again sometime soon?) Okay, after that, I played with my sweetheart KB…I was trying so hard to be a good girl, really I was! But sometimes he says these things to me and I can’t help cumming before he tells me I can? I think he secretly likes it though….wouldn’t you? *Smiles* (That was a HOT call though, wasn’t it sweetie? TY!)

Umm…who else….OH! My old friend RB, who I think is now officially the kinkiest guy I talk to regularly. I mean it! But I have SO much fun talking to him…and playing with him…and cumming all over my fingers with him! *Smiles* (I missed you, sweetie~let’s do it again when you’re around….I won’t forget about your suggestion, either…just FYI.) AND, last but not least, my DarkSoul. Oh…the DarkSoul…I just lapse into speechlessness at this point when I talk about him cause he really does turn me on that much!! And, I even got to make up the fantasy we played last night! He left me my favorite feedback, which I will share below, but you can also read on my Anything Goes Listing:

Whew! Now I need a shower (again). I usually call with a specific fantasy in mind, but this time was just horny and let Kylie decide what we should play. Once again, her imagination was up to the task and she came up with something typical of what I would think up. See? Told ya she gets to know you well. I’m not sure which of us came harder! Thanks again for a fun time, Kylie! xoxoxo

SO sweet! (So TY, my luv~and you’re welcome! But since you asked? I definitely came harder! *Grins*)

I had a lot of shorter calls too…so many, in fact, that when 9:30pm rolled around, I just fell into bed exhausted!! Yummy sweet dreams for your sweet lil girl~naked under my covers, of course. I did wake up once around 4 to make my pussy cum….but other than that? I actually slept really well.

So now I’m just sitting at my desk, wearing some little white boyshort panties and a light blue Gap T shirt…hair in a ponytail, yes, I’m wearing my glasses, so I can see the computer screen! Should I go on and tell you that my nipples are so hard that you can see them clearly through the front of my shirt and my pussy is still all smooth and bald sticking to my panties? Oh, you knew that already? Okay then…never mind! (I’m teasing…but you get my point, I hope!)

I’m available and taking calls now, and I’ll be on till at least 9pm EST. So call me tonight!! Bye for now!

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