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Monday evening….

Hi guys! :) Okay, I had a SUPER busy day busy in fact, that I’m not going to do favorite callers the way I usually do. Instead, I’ll just do a “condensed” version, cause I feel like my journal entries have been full of favorite callers and nothing else lately! So… I’m giving special TY’s to: my sweet, sexy weatherman (of course!), my sweetie, KB, my new favorite PK, and my new friend TR…. every single one of the aforementioned was one of my favorite callers yesterday…and every SINGLE one of them (no, I’m not exaggerating!) made my tight lil pussy cum SO fucking hard!! Especially my sexy weatherman, late night…WOW he’s so good at making me cum!! All over my fingers all wet and slippery… But anyway… TY TY to all of you…you know how much I appreciate how well you take care of me!!

Okay! Beyond all of that, I’ve had a very interesting day so far…granted, I haven’t had too many calls yet…maybe you guys can fix that for me shortly? *Smiles* But I DO have an actual DATE tomorow afternoon! Get your minds out of the gutter guys, it’s not what you think…I was just outside talking to my gay neighbor Scott, and it turns out that he goes to the same gym I go to. So we’re going to go work out together tomorrow~he’s going to teach me how to use the circuit training equipment. I’ll have to decide later if I’m going to dress slutty or not…if it won’t have any effect on him, I don’t see the point? But I guess we’ll see. *Giggles*

SO, I’m available and taking calls right now, I have been since 2pm EST…and I will be till 9pm EST…so if you’re horny, call me tonight!! I’m nice and wet and totally waiting to play with you!! Remember, tomorrow is Princess Day…so after tonight, you won’t be able to get me till Wednesday night. Bye for now!!

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