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My Princess Day~the day after….

Hi guys :) I just thought I should write and update you tonight so that my entry tomorrow doesn’t have to be a NOVEL like it usually is on Wednesdays! Lol… So, I guess I should get right to that! Let’s see….

Okay~well, I totally ended up totally flaking on Scott to go to the gym the other day! Well, I did go, but he had said that I shouldn’t even knock on his door before 11am, and I was up and ready to go at 9am! So I went without him…and when he knocked and then called me? I just ignored the phone and the door. Okay, now I wasn’t totally a bitch!! I called him in the afternoon…said some (untrue) crap about how I had been up late on the phone and we would catch up later this week, blah blah blah…. I don’t know…I like him and all, I just don’t want to be at the mercy of someone elses’ schedule, you know? Like, it’s hard enough for me to get my OWN ass up out of bed and drag it to the gym in the morning! :) Oh well, I’ll probably try to hook up with him later this week. As in the platonic definition of hook up. Obviously! *Giggles*

After I went to the gym, I got my nails done, did my grocery shopping, and then watched some movies on DVD. YES, uncharecteristically of me (I know!) I watched them all by myself…mostly just, “The Unit” (the TV show) and some old episodes of “CSI Miami” that I had on my DVR…you know I had to get my David Caruso fix!! Lol…

Then I had a very yummy night of princess rest (rolling around in my bed naked in the super cold AC, as usual!) and got up to go to the gym again this morning. And after that~sorry to disappoint you!~I just did housework. Boring, boring, non-sexy stuff. Well, I was only wearing some black Hello Kitty panties, so I’m sure YOU guys would have liked it still….lol…. Like my floors and my tub and dishes and all that stuff I try to procrastinate? I swear, I should get a maid again… Yeah! Maybe I should make a little “donation” button for like, “Pay for Kylie’s Housecleaning” or something!! Lol… Okay, maybe not…. But I may have to look into the whole maid thing again soon (I fired my last one.) I’m getting sick of being all domestic all the time!! Without a boyfriend around here to notice when I do it all, it’s not NEARLY as much fun!! :)

SO! My novel is finally over!! Hopefully it didn’t bore you too much, I just try to tell you guys all the minute details of my days cause SO many of you tell me how much you like it when I do….

I’m available and taking calls right now, and I will be until about 9pm EST. As long as you guys are calling me, that is!! If my phones are slow, I’m going to log off early, at like 7:30pm. You guys have been pretty good about taking care of me lately though, so I’m sure that won’t happen. :) If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me tomorrow after 3pm EST.

Bye for now!

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