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Blasts from the past….

Hi guys :) WELL! Your sweet lil girl is feeling very happy, sexy, and spoiled today…for a few reasons. Number one: I finally got my yummy wishlist prezzie from my sweetie PK…so I guess I’ll finally tell you guys what it was….it was, the “cadillac of vibrators” (at least that’s what the literature says!) This huge wand massager that when I turn it on? I SWEAR it sounds like a heavy duty power tool! Like a band saw or a drill or something? Lol… I’m sure my clit will appreciate it this evening, though! *Giggles* (So TY, my luv~I love love LOVE it!! And I can’t WAIT to use it tonight!!)

Okay, number two: I had the yummiest jasmine scented bubble bath this afternoon courtesy of my favorite sexy weatherman….of course, this was after I went to the gym, (and I actually did weights today!) so my sore muscles were definitely pleased by a super hot, bright green bubble bath!! (So TY again my luv!) I know, I know…I’m easy….I’m WAY too easily amused!! But you guys know how much it brightens my mood when you spoil me, don’t you? Yeah..I thought you might! *Giggles*

Number three: (Hence, the title of this entry) WOW have I been getting a lot of calls today!! And the cool thing is…all my calls last night and this afternoon? Were from guys that I haven’t talked to in like, forever! Just in case you didn’t know….every single one of you makes an impression on me….even if we’ve only talked a few times. (We’ve discussed my amazing memory before, I’m sure.) Anyway, so especially when you go a few months calling me regularly and then you stop calling me? Completely? With no warning? Yeah…contrary to what you might think, I do most definitely miss you and notice that you’re gone!

Of course I know that I’m not exactly a “real life” girlfriend…so I understand that if you get serious with someone or work gets busy or whatever, you won’t always have time for me. But those of you who I get close to and talk to often? I guess I always think in my head that we’ll always talk? So when you go away, it makes me a little bit sad…. :(

ENOUGH with the melancholy!! All I’m saying is, it was SO great to hear from some of these guys who I thought had forgotten about me!! I missed you all SO much!! So call me whenever you have some time…. This also applies to ALL of you who haven’t called me a in a super long time! YES, I want to play with you again! And yes, of course I still remember you! Lol…

SO, I’m sitting at my desk, listening to Corrine Bailey Rae and playing on the PC…waiting for some more of you to call me tonight!! I’m available and taking calls now, and I will be till at least 9pm EST. So call and make me cum if you’re horny! Cause I am…. :)

Bye for now~

3 Responses to “Blasts from the past….”

  1. Isn’t she just a doll? Who in their right mind wouldn’t spoil this little sweetie? Enjoy your special prezzies, sweets!!!

  2. Kylie says:

    TY, Lyndee, my love!! Can I just mention, on the subjext of my new prezzies…that I just used that thing and it made me cum in 30 seconds??!! If not less….OMFG!!

    See! My new girlfriends are always looking out for me! :) Love ya, girlie!

    xoxo, Kylie

  3. ROFLMAO….Kylie, I have a toy like that, too!! Yes, I love my Erosciallator!! And, so do the lucky ones that get to experience my beautiful O’s, and the almost unending aftershocks!! Oh, how we sweet little chickies love our toys!!


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