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Some favorite feedback…

I’m having SO much fun playing with you guys tonight!! And I’m getting LOTS of calls…you guys know I’m logging off by 9:30 tonight, right? :) Anyway, I just thought I would share some of my favorite feedback from the last week or so…cause these ones slipped through the cracks last week.

From my sexy Irish guy….

I just can’t help myself, I keep coming back for more from the woman who puts the X into sexuality. This sweet girl is so adept at putting you at ease which makes any experience with her the ultimate in ecstatic, blissful delight. Her attention to detail is simply astounding, her professionalism is a rare joy. She is also an absolute pleasure to talk to (I’ll never tire of her unique, wonderful voice) and the next time that I have fun with her just cannot come quick enough…go raibh míle maith agat, mo mhaith an cailín!

(Thank you SO much, my luv….don’t think I didn’t see that you wrote it!! It made me smile from ear to ear!!)

From my new friend, NW….
A completely sweet sexy woman who can (and will) take you on the ride of your life. Highly recommend for all gentlemen who appreciate quality and a completely mutually enjoyable experiance. Kylie is not here for your money, she is here for pleasure, yours and hers. Treat her well and you will be more than pleased with your experiance. (I’m still waiting to connect with you again, sweetie…don’t make me wait too long! Pretty please?)

And an old one from my sweetie the Hard Boy…
Kylie has always had a place inside my heart because of her sex appeal, sweet hearted nature and defintely the way she makes me squirt. In all that being said a while back I finally got a chance to see pics of Kylie and almost went into shock of how beautiful she is. I thoguht with all those other great entangibles she had that there was no way she could also be georgous. I guess there is a such thing as heaven and (angels) because Kylie is definitely one. I Miss you Hun. Smooches! (I was SO glad you called me tonight, my luv!! Don’t make me wait so long ever EVER again!!)

So…I just got my last call for the evening….and WOW was that a sexy one! I was a dominant, controlling bitch and I called all the shots! *Giggles* So now I’m going to make myself some dinner and log off for the night. I’m going to watch some, “CSI, NY” (the second season, I just got it in the mail today) and I’ll be back tomorrow after 3pm EST. Have a great night, guys! Talk to you tomorrow!!

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