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i LOVE smart men!!

I know, I know…I’m way late writing my entry for the day. And I know, it’s almost time for me to log off for the night!! But I just had to take a second to write and mention…that OH how I LOVE smart guys!! I LOVE nothing better than getting super naughty with guys who actually like to hear my thoughts….who actually like to hear my opinion on stuff (sexual OR otherwise!) and then at the end of our call, they make my tight lil pussy cum SO fucking hard in the bargain!! Cause WOW have you guys been making me cum tonight!! *Smiles*

SO, although this is a short entry….it’s also a tiny little “salute” to the sweet, smart, wonderful men that I’ve played with today….with a heartfelt wish from your sweet lil girl that you all call me ASAP the next time you’re horny!! I can’t wait to play with you again!! In case there’s any doubt here…specifically I mean, PK, TR, MWAllan, and my new friend FP. :)

And actually, while I’m at it…let me share some favorite feedback from today. It’s from my sweetheart TR, but you can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

good lord. Kylie is fantastic. she gives herself completely to the call, and takes subtle direction so well. i can’t wait to talk again with her already – i hope to last longer next time, but it’s tough with that voice in my ear…

Thank you SOO much, my luv!! See? I told you guys I was having a good day!!! *Giggles* I’ll be available and taking calls till at least 9:30pm EST, so if you’re still up, call and play with me!! If you don’t catch me tonight, you’ll have to find me tomorrow after 3pm EST. I know the World Series is on…so I forgive you if you’re too busy for me tonight…. But on the subject of baseball? GO TIGERS!!! You know I’m originally a Michigan girl, right? I was born in Detroit, just a few miles from Tiger Stadium. Just FYI. Anyway, bye for now!!

3 Responses to “i LOVE smart men!!”

  1. Not A Yankees Fan says:

    I agree…go Tigers! Any team that can eliminate the “Evil Empire” so quickly is OK in my book. Looks like they might be in the hole to start out though. Looking forward to getting to speak to you sometime Kylie. Be good until then!

  2. Lyndee says:

    I agree, GO TIGERS!!! I used to live in Michigan at one time as well!! I love the “Not A Yankees Fan” name…ugh, cannot stand them!!! Really, a Braves fan. but they cannot seem to ever get it together!! Oh well…hope all is well with you, Kylie!!!

  3. Kylie says:

    Thanks so much to both of you!! Yes, I was sad to see my Tigers lost *pout*, but they’ll come out of it!! :) I never knew you lived in Michigan, Lyndee!! We’ll have to trade stories sometime…I grew up there, lived there for 18 years. Not in Detroit though….in Lansing.

    Anyway, yes, this week is already looking up!! So thanks for your well wishes, Lyndee…and to my “not a yankee fan”? You know I’m upset with you, mister…I’ll speak with you again when I’m good and ready to. Until then….

    xxxooo, Kylie

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