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Naked breasts…and some other thoughts….

Hi guys! :) Well, to be honest, I was sitting here debating whether to write an entry today, because I didn’t think I had anything interesting to tell you, beyond my yummy blue bubble bath this afternoon (YES, it was VERY yummy, and I loved it!) and the new panties I’m wearing today (they’re light purple boyshorts and my ass looks so sexy in them!) or the fact that my new gay neighbor has apparently misappropriated MY laundry day as his own (Yes, it’s Monday, and he’s still doing laundry even now! I hate him now. I really mean it!! I’m not his friend anymore!) I know you guys like to hear all the silly little details of my life…but while I love sharing them with you, I was starting to think they might be boring you? I don’t know….

Anyway, I just got an email from one of you, my loyal readers, pointing me towards an article at Gainesville.Com, about the recent court decison siding with a woman here in Florida, who was arrested when she exposed her breasts to protest laws that bar women from publicly going bare breasted. (I swear, only here in Florida.) Apparently, an appeals cort has ruled that women can demonstrate topless as part of a legitimate political protest. WTF?? Again, only here in Florida!!

You should click the link above to read the rest of the article….the main thing that got my attention was the fact that~I don’t know if you knew this already or not~the LAST thing we need here in Florida is a law that gives women the right to be topless in public!! Even if it IS only for political protest! I promise you, women here have NO shame about baring their breasts…just go to a beach bar here in Tampa where I live after 11pm…the waitresses do it even!! And dance on the bar!! Believe me!! (Maybe I’m converting a few of you to come move down here to the Sunshine State? Lol)

And while I’m always a fan of nudity~especially when it involves nice big tits!~I just don’t feel like it requires a law to allow it…or that “protestors” will see their causes advanced by naked titties at the marches or whatever. Plenty of us Florida girls (I know, I’m not a native, but still!) are completely happy to only get naked in our bedrooms…for the sole pleasure of the guy we’re about to fuck. Okay, off my soapbox now….just had to vent.

And besides…now all of you are thinking of how yummy it would be for you to be on your back naked on my bed while I slowly take my top off and get naked in front of you….to crawl up the bed on my knees and take your cock in my mouth….while you twist your hands in my long hair…to hold my face down while I start to suck you nice and deep and wet….aren’t you? Yes…I thought so…. *Giggles* No worries…I like that thought, too :)

SO, I’m available and taking calls now, I will be till at least 9pm EST, probably more like 11pm EST. I haven’t cum since yesterday!! And my sweet, bald lil pussy is wet and craving some attention. Feel like being the one to give it to me? I hope so!! Call me tonight!! You know tomorrow is Princess day….so after tonight, you’ll have to wait till Wednesday to call and cum with me.

Bye for now!

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