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See? I AM really a Princess!! :)

Hi guys! :) So…I know, I was totally late logging on today….I got stuck talking to my mom for like forever, and then I decided I needed a bubble bath to cheer me up….which took longer than expected. Funny how that happens…that I love talking to my mommy SO much (we talk almost daily) but she’s always very blunt with her truths and so after we talk? I end up in kind of a sad mood. Hmmm…

Not to worry though!! I had a purple sparkly jasmine scented bubble bath and I soaked for almost an hour….so when I finally logged on at 5pm EST, I was in a GREAT mood!! But then what happens? NONE of you guys are calling me!! What’s up with that?? *Giggles* I did just get a *very* yummy call from a new guy…I’ll call him “WG” for now. And can I just say, that it’s the sexiest thing in the whole wide world when you guys call me and tell me all about how you’ve actually *read* my site and my blog here? OMG does that make me smile!! So WG most definitely made your sweet lil girl VERY happy!! (And I thank you sweetie….even beyond all that! You made me cum so fucking hard!!)

Hmm…let’s see…favorite callers from yesterday….well, “J31″, who I *properly* put in his place by making him my poor little cuckold husband! Lol…. He liked it though, I promise!! I wouldn’t do it just to be cruel…. *Evil Grin* And, my brand new “Loser 41″…who I put through all kinds of indignities before I actually let him call me. LOL!! And yes, just in case you wondered…if you’re pathetic enough to actually email to TELL me up front that you’re a virgin loser before you call? I’ll always make sure to hit you (and your wallet!!) where it hurts before I give you permission to actually speak to me! *Giggles* He was *very* well behaved though….and so he got my permission to call me again sometime. :) Maybe my pussy boy is right when he tells me that I’m really a domme princess, I just don’t know it yet? Hmmm…..

I also have some favorite feedback to share with you, to that end….it’s from my new Loser 41, but you can also read it on my Anything Goes Listing:

awesome call, Princess Kylie has a great voice and really knows how to use a loser.

See?? Told you!! I AM really a Princess!! Lol!! (But seriously, if you’re reading this, you pleased me VERY much, dear heart…call me soon and let me use you again! That’s an order.)

SO, I’m available and taking calls now, probably till about 10:30pm EST. I’m finally getting calls as I finish this…so maybe you guys DO miss me after all? *Smiles* So if you haven’t called me yet? And you’re horny? Call me tonight!! I still wanna cum some more! :) Oh, and just so you guys are warned, I may be taking Tuesday AND Wednesday completely off next week. I’ll let you know closer to then….just giving you a heads up just in case. Bye for now!!

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