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Sexy Dreams….

Hi guys :) Okay, so I had the BEST day playing with you guys yesterday!! Lots and lots of calls~and you all know how much I love it when you keep my phone ringing off the hook! So TY. *Smiles* I’ll get into favorite callers in a sec-but it was the weirdest thing last night! I logged off and had some dinner, then I watched some “CSI-NY” and went to sleep pretty early. Well, I guess midnight isn’t THAT early….but I got to set my clock back right before bed so it was really only 11, right? Lol….

Anyway, back to my point. So, I went to sleep, and I kept having all these sex dreams! Like seriously, multiple sex dreams ALL night long!! With different people, even! One time, it was 2 girls (yes, I was licking pussy), another time, it was my neighbor (the old one next door, not the gay one in back! Lol…) anther time it was my old BF from high school (he just fucked me in the backseat of his car). Strange….

The weird thing was…I was fully aware that I was dreaming the whole time? But I kept telling myself to stay asleep and make myself cum! Cause I was SO fucking horny I needed to make my pussy cum! But…how can I explain…like, I thought I was sleeping but I knew I was almost awake? So I kept trying to rub my clit and make myself cum, and then I would wake up and my hand was still outside my covers. ARRGH! I wonder if that’s some brain response…keeping me from actually doing it so just in case I’m around other people I won’t embarrass myself? :) I’ll have to do some research on that later. Either way, it was driving me NUTS!!

So finally, after this happened 3 or 4 times, I got out my vibrator (my MONSTER big vibe from my sweetie PK) and just made myself cum and went back to sleep! Lol… See? I get up to all kinds of interesting stuff when I’m not online to play with you! *Giggles*

Okay, SO~favorites from yesterday….well, my sweet KB called to make me his cock sucking slut…definitely a role I play to perfection, I must say!! (Maybe it’s cause I am one in real life? Hmmm…) AND, my new Loser41, who “can’t live without his Princess Kylie”, apparently. :) Of course he misbehaved, so of course I had to punish him appropriately! *Giggles* I think I’m going to keep him though…he’s kind of like a stray cat who followed me home or something….he’s happy with the scraps I give him and he gives me LOTS of love for the smallest little kindnesses. LOL!!! (But seriously, Loser…don’t forget what you promised.)

Do I have favorite feedback…..let’s see….not really from yesterday…. So I’ll share some from Friday, from J31, but you can also read this on my Fantasy/Roleplay Listing

This girl has got to be the sexiest girl on Niteflirt! Her voice is very sexy and her imagination is unbelievable. She is a definate must call!!

VERY sweet!! (so TY, sweetie!!) And I guess that’s it! I’m available and taking calls now, and I should be till at least 9pm EST, maybe later. I guess you guys are thinking of me, cause I’ve already had a few loong calls today~which is a good thing!! Keep it coming!! Call me tonight!! Bye for now!

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