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It’s been TOO long….

Hi guys :) I guess it’s been a while since I wrote last, hasn’t it? WOW, I just went to check~I didn’t know it had been that long!! Sorry about that….I really didn’t realize, I’ve just had so much stuff going on that it slippped my mind, I guess. I didn’t want to go all into the details before…and I guess I still won’t just cause I don’t want to depress you all! :) Suffice it to say….there was a death in my family, and I was listed as the next of kin, so I had a lot of administrative stuff to deal with, plus deciding whether or not I was going up to Michigan for the memorial service.

Don’t worry, though! I decided I’m not going…so I’ll still be available and taking calls at my normal time and my normal days all weekend long. I’m kinda bummed about it though…not going to Michigan, I mean…cause my Mom had this great idea that I could just sleep in my old room and take calls while I was there? Lol… She was all excited about it too~telling me how she just got a new computer up there and how she would sleep downstairs in the den so she wouldn’t hear me? *Giggles* I don’t know…I don’t think my Mommy quite understands how loud I get when I’m cumming with you guys! Lol… She would totally still hear me downstairs! Don’t you think? :)

That would have been hot though, wouldn’t it? Having phone sex with me in my childhood bedroom, while I was surrounded by all my Disney posters (yes, I still keep them up there!) and my teddy bears? *Giggles* Plus I would cum SO fucking hard…remembering how I used to sneak and do it in high school! Oh, well. *Sigh* That’s okay…I’m sure you’ll get the chance to phone fuck me when I go home to visit for my birthday in January. Especially since I know she’s so cool with it now. :) God, I hope she’s not reading this….lol….

Ooh, and I almost forgot!! I’m not going to do favorite callers for now…there’s just too many to list cause it’s been too long since I wrote last. I’m sorry!! Don’t be mad… I will share some favorite feedback though…from my DarkSoul….cause he’s always writes the sweetest things!! (TY sweetie!) You can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing

As always, Kylie made me erupt like Mount Vesuvius. She and I were both especially horny yesterday, and she was a naughty little girl. I’ve found a better workout plan than they have at the gym–just call Kylie and by the time you are done, you have worked up a good sweat, and it’s loads more fun! Thanks again sweetie!

Anyway, I’m feeling fine and stuff is all back to normal again. I went to the gym this morning, and took a looong yummy pink bubble bath after…I’m not sure what it was called…it smelled like cherries though. Now I’m at my computer doing web stuff and checking emails~and I PROMISE I’m almost ready to log on! I’ll be available and taking calls all night tonight, from 3pm EST till at least 7 or 8pm, maybe later. So if you’ve been missing me, call me tonight!! I haven’t made my pussy cum all day….

Bye for now!

I’ll be waiting….

Hi guys :) I hope you’re all having a wonderful Saturday!! Mine’s going great so far…especially all of you who’ve called and emailed me in the last two days to make me smile! I haven’t mentioned it to all of you…but I have told a few….so in case you don’t already know, I got some pretty bad news yesterday. I’m not going to go into it just yet~cause I don’t want to depress you all and I’m NOT all broken up about it anymore! *Smiles* But for those of you who I have shared with…know that I truly appreciate all your well wishes! Thank you so much!! For the rest of you…I’ll elaborate more later this week. I PROMISE promise!!

But for now….I’m in a great mood!! I had SUCH a busy night again last night, and so far today my phone has been ringing like crazy!! So TY!! Let’s see…favorite callers…. my sweetheart SS, who seems to almost read my mind lately! He always knows when I need a really HARD cum (or three!) to put a smile on my face… (I hope you liked my suggestions, mister…and I’m so sorry I missed you earlier! We’ll catch up soon.) Ummm…my new (old!) friend, JBan….who likes me best the naughty lil slut that I am! I wonder if he would really do all the stuff he describes to me IRL? (Would you, sweetie? I like the way you make me cum so much! Because of that, of course it would be cheaper than I originally told you….)

WOW! So many… Okay, my master AF (of course!) calling to make me smile AND trying to make my pussy cum!! I say “trying” cause I think we’re having a bit of a role reversal~cause I haven’t been letting him play with me lately. *Giggles* So I”M in charge!! He doesn’t mind though….I think he knows I’m worth the wait. (And I mean that sweetie….but I promise we’ll do it soon!) AND, my favorite phone sex virgin…..who I teased forever with my sweet lil ass (and my stockings! You know you loved it, sweetie!) until he begged me to let him cum! Of course I obliged…. You guys know I’m not really into tease and DENIAL, right? I mean…I love it when you beg…but I almost always give in in the end! Almost always. LOL!!! (Anyway…I can’t wait till next time sweetie….make sure you remember the magic word next time!)

SO! God, I feel like my journal entries are so long lately! Are they too long? Like, do you guys lose interest after a paragraph or two? I doubt it…but I have to ask cause I’ve been concerned about it lately. So make sure you leave me a comment and let me know if you have an opinion.

I ended up hanging out with Erin for Thanksgiving night….she came back into town and I had made some yummy dinner, so she came over to eat. And my friend Matt and his gf, too….I made duck, and stuffing, and mashed potatoes, and asparagus. I was about to claim pumpkin pie too….but that was store bought, actually. So shhh!! Don’t tell anyone!! That’s our secret! Lol….

But while they were here, we were watching TV, and I guess I kept making comments? And they all agreed that I think about sex too often. And they told me so!! Matt said he’s sure it’s cause I’m always having phone sex all day….so I’m “justifiably obsessed”. :) But both the girls just said I’m just a perv! Which doesn’t offend me (at ALL!) but I got to thinking….do most girls really not think about sex all day long? Like when they’re watching commercials for paper towels or wireless phones, they don’t think how the guy on TV looks like some guy they fucked in high school and get horny over it? Or how he has a nice ass and they’d love to see it naked? Cause I think that stuff is SO yummy! :)

I don’t know…I guess I just never thought I was weird! But apparently, I think about sex MUCH more often than the average girl! Go figure. Maybe that’s why I’ve always gotten along with guys so well? :) Hmmm…. Anyway, I’m available and taking calls now, and I will be till at least 9pm EST, probably later. So if you’re horny, call me tonight!! I’ll be waiting….

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hi guys! :) Yes, I know it’s not quite Thanksgiving yet, but I have to take a minute to say it now cause I’m not sure if I’ll be around on Thursday or not. Well, I guess I should say I don’t know how much I’ll be around yet~I’ll definitely be on (at least on alerts) in the evening hours, but as of now I know for sure I won’t be around right at 3pm like usual. I WILL however, be available and taking calls tonight, by about 6pm EST I think. Till at least 8 or 9. So make sure you look for me then! :)

Anyway! On to more fun stuff…..let’s see…. Well, I had a wonderful Princess Day this week! I just hung out here and watched movies with Erin for the first part of the day~well, not really movies per se, just the 6th season of CSI: Las Vegas. Have I mentioned yet how much I love that show? Lol… I love it so much I can’t bear to watch it with commercials when it’s actually on TV, I have to wait till it’s on DVD so I can watch it all in succession. My best girlfriend, however, does NOT share my obsession… after 5 episodes she made me turn it off. *Giggles* That’s okay though..I’ll get back to it after I log off tonight. :)

Then we went and hit a few bars…had a one or two (or six, maybe! Lol…) drinks and danced a little. She got way wasted way quick though, so we had to end the night early. *Pout* It was cool though…I don’t get to see her so much anymore. So even though I had to drive her drunk ass home and put her to bed, I guess I don’t mind too much.

And tomorrow, when it’s actually Thanksgiving, I guess I’m just going to cook for myself and the Arnold Cat, maybe log on and take calls for a while, probably watch some CSI and take a bubble bath. I know, that sounds SO fucking boring, doesn’t it? I was supposed to be in St Thomas with my Mommy for the Holiday this year…but that didn’t work out for lots of reasons. And Erin’s going down to her parent’s condo to have dinner with them, so she won’t even be in town.

No worries though…you guys have been doing your *very* best to make me smile this week, cause WOW have I been getting prezzies!!! And I hadn’t even mentioned that I’ll be all alone this week till now! I got some new yummy porn movies from my friend RB…I haven’t watched them yet, but it’s all female squirting movies? And I don’t think I’ve seen that before….so I’m looking forward to it! (TY, sweetie!) I also got a yummy pink anal vibe and “The Story of O” from my new sweetheart B12. WOW, do I love it when you guys buy me books!! And I guess I don’t have to mention how much I love new sex toys….right? *Giggles* I’ll try this one out soon and tell you how I like it~I promise! :)

I have a few more prezzies on the way, so I’ll have to wait and say thank yous when I find out who sent them. Either way, your sweet lil girl is feeling so spoiled and happy!! Which is always a good thing. :) On that note…I’ve been a spoiled lil princess on the phone lately too…as you’ll see in my favorite feedback that I’ll share below. *Giggles* As usual, you can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

thankyou Princess Kylie, for letting me hear your lovely voice again laughing at my patheticness. all chronic masturbators should give her a call and pay for the privilege of hearing her and being able to cum stroking their little loser cocks.

My Loser41 is so much fun to humiliate! Lol!! I love it….. And the tips he sends me for the privilege of talking to me don’t hurt either. :) That was from Monday night though…and I haven’t played on the phone since then~it feels like forever!! I guess I did have to fuck myself (and cum all over my fingers of course!) on Tuesday morning…but I haven’t done it since then. So if you’re missing me, call me tonight!! And if you don’t catch me till later this week, have a Happy Holiday!!

Bye for now!

Cum Chat with me….

Hi guys :) Well, I guess I should tell you first, that although I’m already totally late logging on this afternoon! (I know, again! I’m sorry!) That it’s going to be at least another 15 minutes or so before I do…. I don’t know, I just realized that it’s been two days since my last entry and I want to say hi to you guys! :) Or maybe….I’m just enjoying procrastinating a lil bit more? *Giggles* Who knows….it’s BOTH reasons, I think.

Anyway….what have I been up to? Umm….well? Yesterday was another super busy night~you guys are being SO good to me lately!! And just in time for the holidays too…you know I have lots of presents to buy, so all the calls are GREAT! I don’t think I’m buying too many prezzies for people this year…other than my mom and ME of course! Lol… But still! You know what I mean….

Do I have favorite callers? Let’s see….my sweetheart RB, who always makes me cum SO fucking hard with the kinkiest fantasies! (LOVED it sweetie!! Especially the story!! TY!) My friend TR….who’s been kind of MIA for a week or so. Of course he couldn’t go any longer than that without my sweet, wet lips wrapped around his cock….so he says, anyway. *Smiles* But he made me cum hard too, so no complaints here! Lol… (TY, sweetie! I can’t wait till we play again!)

And of course, last but NOT least, my new friend SS….what to even say about him? Well….we had a sexy looong call in the AM hours…we’ve had so many lately! I start to lose track…. I don’t think I’ll say anything more than that….have to keep his secrets cause I haven’t asked him if I’m allowed to share. Wait, I WILL also say that I can’t wait to play with him again! I’m sure it will be soon…. (And that I LOVED the visual, sweetie! TY for that, btw!)

Other than that~and by “that”, I mean making my pussy cum all night long! *Giggles*~I decided to do something I NEVER do anymore. I made myself “available” on Yahoo Messenger and chatted for a few hours. So many of you have been buying my yahoo ID lately…I just felt like it, I guess. And I had so much fun!! I’m going to have to start doing that more often…I got some cool house music for my MP3 player, and some sexy new kinky erotica to read, and I even got to see one of my favorite guys get his cock hard for me! Which was definitely a good thing!!

So just in case any of you have been wanting to cum chat with me…before you call me, or to ask me a question, or for whatever reason? :) Here’s the button you click to get my Yahoo ID through Niteflirt.

And I guess that’s it! I’ll be available and taking calls *very* shortly, by 4:30pm EST at the very latest….I promise!! No later than that. :) So if you feel like playing, call me tonight!! I’ll be on till at least 9pm. Bye for now!!

STRANGE sex toys…..

Hi guys :) I’ve had such a lazy day so far….I woke up super late, at like 11:30 this morning, and I didn’t feel like working out so I just stayed in bed watching TV and stuff. Which was a BAD decision, cause I started watching MTV and E….you know all those reality shows and “True Hollywood Story” and all that? I SWEAR that stuff is like crack or something!! Once I get started watching that stuff I can’t stop!! And it was such stupid stuff too….I think it was the THS of “Home Improvement”? Which I never liked? But STILL I couldn’t turn off the TV! Lol….

Anyway, so I know, I was a bad lil procrastinator and I didn’t log on till 4:30 this afternoon. I’m available and taking calls now, but only on alerts. And I guess you guys have been missing me after all, cause WOW have I been busy so far!! No favorite callers or feedback, cause STILL no one’s writing anything for me. *Sigh* But that’s okay….as long as you guys are keeping my phone ringing!! And keeping my pussy cumming, of course….you’re always good about that, though. :)

So, I was shopping on Amazon today, trying to find some new creative stuff to put on my wishlist cause Christmas is coming. So I look through the usual stuff you all know I love…perfume, body lotion, bubbble bath… know the drill. Anyway, I looked up vibrators to see if there were any new ones I hadn’t seen yet. And I found this. It’s called the IBuzz:

OMFG!!! Here’s the description: “iBuzz Vibrating Toy for iPods and other players is the musical orgasm machine! The vibrating bullet stimulates you in time with your favourite music. Which song pushes your butttons? iBuzz works with any MP3 player or portable music device and lets you enjoy your music like never before. iBuzz includes the iBuzz unit (in fetching white), a vibrating bullet with long white lead, knobbled stimulating sleeve for her, a spike cock ring sleeve for him, a white lead to connect iBuzz to your MP3 player, two AAA batteries, and a white Y-adaptor so you can plug your headphones in as well.”

Who NEEDS this?? And who would actually buy it??? Are there people out there who really love their favorite song that much? OMG, I was floored, like actually shocked!! And then I was laughing my ass off….LOL!! No worries guys…I won’t be adding this to my wishlist anytime soon! *Giggles* I bet it would be hot though….making myself cum to some Britney Spears, maybe? Hmmm….

SO, I’ll be available for a few more hours, till at least 9pm EST, maybe later. So if you’re horny, call me tonight!! Bye for now!!

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