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Fetishes…What’s yours?

Hi guys :) Well, you’ll be happy to know that I spent my morning being *very* productive!! First, I took a looong hot pink bubble bath….TONS of bubbles, lots of candles, and ME! Naked in the water listening to music and totally relaxing. In case you hadn’t noticed, the part where I said I’d been “productive”? Umm…yeah….That’s up for interpretation. *Giggles* Just keep reading….

Then, I was doing web stuff….mostly updating my Call Me Cuties website…have you guys checked that out yet BTW? If you haven’t~you definitely should! I promise you’ll like it!! PROMISE promise!!

So after that, I went through the list of my phone sex friends who have links here on my diary (to your left)? I hope you guys have checked them all out too…I know, I’m always plugging them all the time!! I can’t help it. They’re so hot!! But anyway….today? (And usually, for that matter!) I got stuck on Angela St Lawrence’s blog. GOD, is that girl SO smart!! Anyway, as I was reading her stuff…one of her links led me to the Wikipedia. Which is always a bad thing for me…cause once I get started searching on that site, I really can’t stop! It’s like an endless search that by the time I get done? I don’t even remember where I started! Lol….

But today, I decided to look up “fetishes”….maybe it was the “psychic” influence of Ms. St. Lawrence, maybe it’s just where my fantasies have been taking me lately while I’m making myself cum…I don’t know. *Giggles* But, I noticed a few things that Wikipedia says about fetishes. Such as: “Most of the sexual orientations popularly called fetishism are regarded normal variations of human sexuality on behalf of psychologists and medics. Even those orientations that are potential forms of fetishism are usually considered unobjectionable as long as all involved persons feel comfortable.”

So that says to me…that all of you guys who call me with a “fetish” who are so embarrassed? And thinking it’s “so shameful” that you like feet, or stockings, or panties, or whatever? It’s considered normal!! As long as everyone consents….so why be so shy about it? :) So in other words: “In common speech, any fixation on a singular inanimate object, body part, body feature or sexual practice is called fetishism. ..Fetishism is not an illness but an uncommon but mostly harmless sexual orientation.” (You can read the rest of the article here if you’re interested.)

I just figured I would share my thoughts on this subject cause I’ve been getting LOTS of fetish calls lately! They’re pretty widely varied, but I promise: I get off on ALL of them!! Every single one! :) Unless of course, you’re into necrophilia….cause like I’ve told you all before? That’s definitely NOT my thing!! Lol…. But any other fetish? OH yeah!! Let’s play with it!! Don’t be too shy to call me and share your “secret fetishes”, you guys… It turns me on even more if it’s a new thing for me! Told ya I’m “anything goes”!! :) Good. I’m glad we got that settled! *Giggles*

I’m available and taking calls now, till at least 9pm EST, probably later. So if you’ve missed me? Call me tonight!! I’ve only made my pussy cum once so far today, so I have some catching up to do!! Don’t you think? :) Bye for now!!

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