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Friday night….

Hi guys :) Just so you know, I was SO totally procrastinating writing here today….I don’t know why, I guess I was too caught up in all my web stuff? Checking my site stats and reading phone sex message boards and stuff….or maybe I was just being a bad lil procrastinator as usual….LOL!! But for real…I think I was logged on by 3:30 pm EST today…so I wasn’t too bad.

Anyway, let’s see….well, I woke up pretty late this morning, like 11am. I went to the gym, only for a half an hour though~my ass is too sore!! (Literally. I mean my ASS.) I started upping my weight on the leg machines this weekend, and I don’t think my butt is too happy with me. :) I like it though…it feels all firm and tight now when I grab onto it? Don’t worry…I’m sure you guys would like it too! :) Came home to shower, and make some phone calls, and do stupid domestic stuff. Like my dishes. Which I’ve decided I really don’t like doing! AT ALL. I’m seriously going to look into that whole maid thing soon. I mean it!! :)

AND, hopefully you guys have noticed this already, but I’ve made some changes to my website! Well….technically Tee did them for me…but you know what I mean! The index page (the first page) and the graphic across the top of all the other pages, PLUS the pictures in the little “rotator” on the left side of all the pages. I just wanted to add my new pics to the site cause I love them so much…so if you haven’t seen the changes yet, make sure to go and check them out!!

And I guess that’s it! I’m available and taking calls now, and I will be till just after 9pm EST. So make your sweet lil girl *SMILE* and call me tonight!! My phones have been kind of slow today, and I haven’t even gotten to make my pussy cum yet!! And that’s no fun! *Pout* You guys don’t want to leave me to play all by my lonesome, do you? Good. :) I didn’t think so…. Bye for now!!

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