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Take my clothes off….

Hi guys :) No, I’m not quite available yet, but I will be very shortly, I promise!! I just thought I would take a second and write you a note before I logged on today…seeing as I didn’t get a chance to write yesterday. I know, I know! Don’t spank me! *Giggles* You guys just kept me SO busy all last night, I didn’t even log off till…what, 11pm I think? But, like I always say, no complaints here!! Thanks for cumming out to play with me, you guys :)

Let’s see…do I have favorite callers….umm…my MWAllan, and WOW was that a sexy looong call!! A few of them, actually! I don’t get to play with him so often anymore, so I LOVE it when he has time to play with me. And make me cum. Quite a few times! *Smiles* (Anyway, TY, sweetie!! I can’t wait till we play again!)

Lots of other calls, but not too much written feedback. *Sigh* Except of course, my DarkSoul….who not only made me cum so hard so many times I was literally sweating my ass off by the time we were done, but also left me my favorite feedback, which I will share below. You can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

Thanks to my work schedule, it had been far too long since I talked with my lovely, naughty girl Kylie. I must say it is always nice to have naughty fun with her. She’s in a class all her own, and those of you who have talked with her know what I mean. 5 (meeeelion) stars for Kylie! xoxoxo

So SO sweet of you, my luv….TY!! (And don’t make me wait that long ever again if you can help it, Mister!! Lol…) All in all though, it was a GREAT night!! I don’t think I can even count how many times I made my tight lil pussy cum….like 9 or 10, maybe? So after that I just fell into bed exhausted.

I had kind of a lazy morning today, actually….just talking to my mommy and watching, “Footballers Wives”…took a nice loooong purple bubble bath and shaved my pussy all sweet and clean the way I know you like it. :) And THEN I had to wade through my wordpress here before I could write to you guys because apparently, I’ve become quite a target for spam. Like you know how when you guys leave me comments, no one can see them till I moderate and approve them? Well, I guess it’s a really good thing I have it set up that way….cause all these website owners keep spamming my journal with stuff like, “Buy Ambien!” or “Asian Lesbians!” and all kinds of crazy crap like that.

I don’t think they actually read my journal before they spam me….but it’s SO annoying to have to read through and then delete 15 comments every day from strangers trying to market their crap on my site. So just in case any of them ARE reading right now, please cut it out! Please? I’m never going to approve your comments. I promise!! Just FYI though…comments are still always welcome from you sweet guys who call and play with me!! And my phone sex girlfriends for that matter! Just so you know….your comments still do always make me smile. :)

Okay, well I guess that’s it!! I’m going to be available and taking calls soon….let’s say by…3:55pm EST. Until at least 9pm EST. So if you’ve missed me, or you had trouble getting ahold of me last night~or if your cock is just super hard for me this afternoon? Call me tonight!! Just a little visual for you before I go: I’m wearing a black tank top with spaghetti straps (no bra) and black boyshort panties. I’m totally willing to take all of it off for you though…all you have to do is call me and ask! *Giggles*

Bye for now!

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