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Sunday Morning….

Hi guys :) So, aren’t you proud of me? Oh wait…I always forget that you guys can’t see time stamps on this new journal…so you don’t know that it’s only 10:26am and I am wide awake and ready to start my day already! Not only that, but I decided to write to you now, so I don’t get too busy later. Cause I hate it when that happens. :)

Anyway, I don’t know….I think everything is finally back to normal around here. I’m up early….my gay neighbor is already blasting his house music all early on a Sunday morning (I’m sure there’s at least 6 people over there this morning but I’m not going to look outside cause I feel like that nosy old lady on “Bewitched” every time I do that! Lol…) AND~last but not least~I think I made my pussy cum like 8 or 9 times yesterday!! And the day before….

I guess you guys must have missed me or something!! The last two days I’ve stayed super busy all night long~which is a VERY good thing!! I wonder if I have favorite callers to mention….let’s see…. My favorite “phone sex virgin”…I swear, I gotta make up a new nickname for him, I’ve corrupted him WAY past the point of “virginity”, I think! *Giggles* (That was SO hot, sweetie! TY!) Ummm…TT called to play with me also….wow, that was my first time cumming after being back, and I came so quick and so loud I had to apologize to him!! He likes me horny though…at least I think he does. (I hope you meant what you said to me, sweetie…we’ll talk again soon.)

My master AF even called to say hi and make me smile (I know, he’s been gone forever, right?) Well, I’m glad he’s back cause I missed him terribly….and so did my tight lil pussy! (And you better make me cum again soon, mister! I mean it!) AND, last but never ever least, my sweet MWAllan for a nice looong sexy call. He’s another one I’m corrupting…he used to be so sweet and innocent, and now? Well, I don’t want to share too much…those are secrets! *Smiles* (TY for being SOOO much fun and always making my pussy cum so hard, sweetie!)

I was thinking yesterday….I don’t think I can imagine going back to life without phone sex every day. Like I love it so much now….the “variety” of it, I guess. AND I can be a total SLUT all the time and it’s a good thing! Actually, I kind of like it when you guys call me a slut! *Giggles* And I like cumming all day long, and I like being at home wearing only my panties and pajamas and stuff…. Anyway, my point is…I guess one day I’ll be all grown up and be married and have kids and all that, but I don’t think I’m in a huge hurry for that to happen anytime soon. Cause then I couldn’t be a phone slut anymore…..and where’s the fun in that? Wait, maybe I could just wait on the kids part….that way I can still have phone sex all day long while my husband’s at work. Yeah, I think I like that idea MUCH better. :)

And I guess that’s it!! I’m going to go and have some breakfast, maybe have a bubble bath, and finish watching, “Monster House”. The movie, not the TV Show!!

But I’ll be back and available and taking calls after 3pm EST, until at least 9pm tonight. I’ve been staying on till almost 11 the last couple days, I don’t know if you guys noticed…I don’t know if I’m going to do that tonight, but it’s possible. So look for me later and call me tonight!!

Bye for now!!

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