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More Sexy Dreams….

Hi guys :) Yes, I know, it’s already mid afternoon and I’m only just now writing. *Sigh* I KNOW I said I would do it in the AM from now on!! But last night I had such restless sleep!! I kept having all these sexy dreams~like literally, WET dreams….waking up with my panties all wet and sticky and SO fucking horny!! And then of course I had to get out my vibrator and make myself cum every time! :) I think by 7am I had fucked my pussy 3 times in the course of the night… I decided to let myself sleep in till Noon. (Can you blame me? I was sleepy after! Lol) And before you ask, NO, I’m not telling you guys what I dreamed about!! A girl has to keep SOME secrets!! But I will tell you that there was LOTS of my pussy being licked and sucked on….and a couple of HOT loads of cum all over my face! :) You’ll have to let your imaginations fill in the blanks….. *Giggles*

So, I guess this is a recurring theme cause I just mentioned the whole “marriage” thing yesterday, but I have some more thoughts on that subject today. I was just talking to one of my favorite guys~who shall remain nameless for now for “security” reasons…. He was talking about his wife, and how she gets so jealous of like, everything he does without her!! Whether it’s going to strip clubs or watching porn or calling for phone sex… And I guess all of those things are kind of things that would piss a girl off….I just can’t imagine actually feeling that way!! Like, if I was actually married? Or when I am one day? I think anything short of fucking another girl is FINE with me!! Don’t you think so? I guess that was a rhetorical question…of course you do. :)

Anyway, I’m just saying….jeez, I can’t imagine being married to someone who doesn’t LOVE the fact that I’m kinky and sexy and horny all the fucking time!! Cause my husband better just KNOW that I need to be fucked every day (preferably twice a day!) or else we’re going to have some serious problems!! And if for some reason I wasn’t in the mood to have sex…I’d let him go to the strip club!! As long as he took me with him, that is….. *Giggles*

SO, I’m available and taking calls now, I should be on till at least 9pm EST. You know tomorrow is Princess day…so if you’ve been needing your “Kylie Fix”, call me tonight!! I haven’t made my pussy cum since this morning…..and I wanna cum some more!!

Bye for now!!

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