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STRANGE sex toys…..

Hi guys :) I’ve had such a lazy day so far….I woke up super late, at like 11:30 this morning, and I didn’t feel like working out so I just stayed in bed watching TV and stuff. Which was a BAD decision, cause I started watching MTV and E….you know all those reality shows and “True Hollywood Story” and all that? I SWEAR that stuff is like crack or something!! Once I get started watching that stuff I can’t stop!! And it was such stupid stuff too….I think it was the THS of “Home Improvement”? Which I never liked? But STILL I couldn’t turn off the TV! Lol….

Anyway, so I know, I was a bad lil procrastinator and I didn’t log on till 4:30 this afternoon. I’m available and taking calls now, but only on alerts. And I guess you guys have been missing me after all, cause WOW have I been busy so far!! No favorite callers or feedback, cause STILL no one’s writing anything for me. *Sigh* But that’s okay….as long as you guys are keeping my phone ringing!! And keeping my pussy cumming, of course….you’re always good about that, though. :)

So, I was shopping on Amazon today, trying to find some new creative stuff to put on my wishlist cause Christmas is coming. So I look through the usual stuff you all know I love…perfume, body lotion, bubbble bath… know the drill. Anyway, I looked up vibrators to see if there were any new ones I hadn’t seen yet. And I found this. It’s called the IBuzz:

OMFG!!! Here’s the description: “iBuzz Vibrating Toy for iPods and other players is the musical orgasm machine! The vibrating bullet stimulates you in time with your favourite music. Which song pushes your butttons? iBuzz works with any MP3 player or portable music device and lets you enjoy your music like never before. iBuzz includes the iBuzz unit (in fetching white), a vibrating bullet with long white lead, knobbled stimulating sleeve for her, a spike cock ring sleeve for him, a white lead to connect iBuzz to your MP3 player, two AAA batteries, and a white Y-adaptor so you can plug your headphones in as well.”

Who NEEDS this?? And who would actually buy it??? Are there people out there who really love their favorite song that much? OMG, I was floored, like actually shocked!! And then I was laughing my ass off….LOL!! No worries guys…I won’t be adding this to my wishlist anytime soon! *Giggles* I bet it would be hot though….making myself cum to some Britney Spears, maybe? Hmmm….

SO, I’ll be available for a few more hours, till at least 9pm EST, maybe later. So if you’re horny, call me tonight!! Bye for now!!

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