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Saturday afternoon…..

Hi guys :) I hope you’re all having a good Saturday so far! I’ve been SO lazy all morning~so I’m EXTRA proud of myself that I’m actually writing a note to you guys before I log on! Yeah, I know it’s already 3:30…but you guys aren’t really expecting me before 4pm anymore, are you? Lol…. Anyway, so I slept in, and then I stayed in bed for a while finishing this book that B12 sent me, The Virgins Lover, which was pretty good! I’m kind of obsessed with these “period pieces” lately….books set in the 17th and 18th centuries? With a little bit of drama and some “shocking” sex stuff, of course! (Not shocking to you or me….but definitely shocking to people back then. Lol) Anyway, you get my point. Actually, my REAL point in describing all that was to remind you all that my birthday is cumming up on January 4th…just a little hint for those of you who have asked me what I really want! :)

So after that, I took a bubble bath (again, courtesy of B12~thank you, sweetie!) a bright blue one with bubbles everywhere…smelled kind of like patchouli and cinnamon. As usual, I stayed in till I got all pruny, with a tiny break in the middle of it to sit up on my knees and shave my pussy all sweet and clean. *Giggles* I swear it makes me cum harder when it’s perfectly smooth like this…just feels sexier or something? I don’t know…. And THEN I was trying to decide what to write about today. SO, I took a stroll over to PervScan. And OMG!!

I know I’ve linked to this site before, but have you guys checked it out yet? If you haven’t, you SO totally should!! Okay, SO many crazy sexy articles to choose from, but which did I like best? Hmmm…I’m kind of torn between “Student Ejaculates in Cafeteria Salad Dressing” (Here’s a little quote:“A [Somewhere] High School student is expected to surrender to police Monday on charges that he doctored a bottle of salad dressing in the school cafeteria with his own semen in a practical joke that met with disgust.” OMG I laughed my ASS off at that one!) And “Man Tells Court Girl Had Sex With Goblins” (I’m not even going to quote that one….you just have to check it out yourself!!) For real, stroll over to PervScan and read the rest of the articles. They’re TOO fucking funny! :)

Anyway! On to favorite callers….you guys have been keeping me busy again lately!! And I love, love, LOVE it!! Especially cause I took all that time off while my Mommy was here…it’s really great when my phone rings off the hook like that. :) So let’s see….my favorite phone sex virgin let me corrupt him completely…again! And GOD that was a hot call! (I think you liked my little surprise….didn’t you? *Giggles*) Umm…my kinda new friend, D in CA, who I think is the first guy I’ve met EVER who is TRULY as kinky and naughty as I am!! So naughty, in fact…that I’m not going to share more cause I haven’t asked him if I’m allowed to. :) But I fucking love it!! And I REALLY love cumming with him! (So TY, sweetie!)

Umm…my current favorite, TR, two calls in two days, even!! Yummy HOT calls and he ALWAYS lets me pick where he cums…on me…or in me…or down my throat! SO yummy!! (Thanks for being so sweet to me, my luv…I agree with you about the “interactivity”, but that’s a two way street, Mister! Lol) And for favorite feedback…it’s from the other day, from my sexy Irish guy, but I think this is really the BEST feedback I’ve ever gotten! I know, I know, I’ve said it before, but it’s allowed to change!! You guys keep writing me better ones! *Giggles* I’ll share it below, but you can also read this on my Girls Next Door Listing:

I have a complaint! Kylie is now so popular that it’s becoming very difficult to catch her lit up Call Me button. But when that button lights up I dare anyone who’s ever called her in the past to resist pressing it. I’ve tried (just as an experiment) and it’s bloody impossible. There’s a reason why she’s so popular; it’s difficult to put into words because the experience with her is so sensual and so genuine, the memories can keep you alive for hours afterwards and I dread the day she hangs her undies up and retires from the scene ;) Happy New Year Kylie from the Emerald Isle…

See?! Told you it was wonderful….and I LOVED reading it!! (So thank you sooo much, my luv!! Have you really tried to resist me? Lol… Happy New Year to you, too!)

And I guess that’s it! I’ll be available and taking calls all night tonight, from 4 or 4:30pm EST until at least 10, probably later. AND, I haven’t made my pussy cum all day today! So if you’re horny and you have some time, call me tonight!! As of now, I’m not sure if I have plans for New Years Eve or not…so I might be around all weekend. We’ll have to wait and see…. I’ll post here and let you guys know when I find out, though. Bye for now!

Laptops are BAD!

Hi guys :) So everything is finally back to normal around here…as you read yesterday, I guess. I got to sleep in again (finally!) and then I woke up and had a long, yummy Green Tea bath (courtesy of B12~TY sweetie!) and then I went to the gym to run on the treadmill for about an hour. It’s kind of weird though…I got so used to having my Mommy here, I kind of miss her now that she’s gone. :( She’s off work till the New Year though….and as she’s been proving already~if I miss her, she’s just a phone call away! Or two phone calls. Or three or four even….I think at last count, it’s been SIX phone calls today~LOL! I don’t mind though…I really do miss her. But still! :)

But even though she keeps calling me, I barely have time to answer her calls cause you guys are keeping me and my wet lil pussy busy the last two days!! (NO complaints!! Keep reading.) I don’t know if it’s cause you missed me cause I took so much time off while she was visiting, or if you’re all just getting your “Kylie fix” before New Year’s….but either way, I LOVE it!! I’ve said it a million times, but I LOVE it when you guys keep my phone ringing and my pussy cumming!! ADORE it, to be completely honest!! So TY :)

Let’s see if I have favorite callers….from today, my sweetheart SS, who (as usual) made me cum SO fucking hard!! Like 2 or 3 times, actually….(So TY, sweetie!) And from yesterday, my sexy Irish guy~who I was missing terribly so I’m so glad we finally played again! (Remember what I said, sweetie~it’s hard cause it’s you…but still liked it, didn’t you?) AND, last but never, ever least, my master AF, who’s being such a kind master lately!! Like it wasn’t enough that he spoiled me ROTTEN for Christmas, OR that he always makes me cum SO hard with the yummy hypno trigger words that I love so much….he ALSO left me my favorite feedback, which I will share below. (I LOVED reading it, my luv~TY!!!) You can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

Kylie don’t you ever leave for that long again. I can’t take it. This girl is too hot and freaky to be taking time off like that. This hot slut is the best there is!!

So…it started getting cold here again this week…. Understand that “cold” is kind of a relative term for me, cause since I moved to Florida, I’m totally freezing my ass off at like, 50 degrees. BUT, since I had to turn my heat on, and I was SO super horny last night, having wet dreams again and stuff~I started thinking about this article I read a while back about how more babies are conceived in the fall cause men’s sperm count rises in the winter time? So I wanted to chek and see if I remembered that statistic correctly, but I ALSO wanted to see if cold weather has any effect on women.

I didn’t find the original article, and I couldn’t find anything about women, but I did find this one…..which DID confirm my thoughts….but it also said this:“Experts know that hot work environments, tight-fitting underpants, prolonged sitting, and use of laptop computers can all increase scrotal temperature.” WHAT?? I already knew that cold weather increases sperm count cause of the whole tight fitting clothes thing….or the absence of, rather. But using laptop computers makes your sperm count go down?? Really?? I don’t get it…. Why?? The article doesn’t elaborate…so anyone who finds more knowledge on this subject is MOST welcome to leave me a comment and/or a link here so I can check it out.

Oh! And from this point forward? Laptops are BAD!! NONE of you are allowed to look at my site or my listings or think about calling me while using your laptop computer unless absolutely necessary!!! I mean it!! I like you as horny as is humanly possible before you call to cum with me!! *Giggles*

I’m available and taking calls now, probably till 9 or 9:30pm EST. So call me tonight!! I’ll be waiting…..

Wednesday night….

Hi guys! :) Yes, I’m finally back~and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!! My Mommy left this morning to fly back to freezing ass Michigan….I was so sad to see her go! But it was a good visit, she cooked Christmas Dinner for Emma and I AND she bought all the stuff to cook it AND she cleaned up the kitchen and washed all the dishes after! Does it get any better than that? Lol…

But even beyond all that stuff, we had a really good time. :) Yesterday we went shopping and she bought me some more girly pajamas and panties and stuff…what else…some cat food for my cat man (even though she hates him) some fuzzy pink slippers, and a Hello Kitty water cooler for my bedroom. Yes, it’s pink. And no, I’m not kidding. *Giggles* Plus, she took me to see, Dreamgirls yesterday~which was good, but someone should have warned me that it was a musical. I mean, I LOVE musicals! I always have. And this was a good one….but it was so drawn out and long? By the end, everyone in the theater (including my Mom, who suggested it in the first place!) would *sigh* out loud when they would start singing. Seriously, it was like every other scene! I think I would have waited for the DVD. :)

SO. Like I said, I’m finally back, and I’m going to log on by 6:30pm EST. I’ve missed talking to you guys!! And I’ve definitely missed playing with you!! I didn’t even make my pussy cum last night, I was so damn tired after all that shopping with my mom. Ooh, wait-I just lied…I DID make myself cum at about 4 this morning….I kept waking up to sexy dreams again! I don’t know if I’m just seriously starved for phone fucking or if my new pillows are haunted by some kind of sex demon…lol….but for real! I kept waking up and waking up…and usually I’d wait till I made myself cum in my sleep? But last night I would wake up totally thinking I had my fingers on my clit? And then I’d look down and see them on top of my blankets. SO frustrating!! So I finally had to rub my clit cause my pussy was all slippery in my panties. Yes, I did it with my fingers, not my vibrator. And no, I’m NOT telling what my dreams were about!! Cause they were kinda embarrassing! *Blushes*

But maybe….I’ll consider telling those of you who call me tonight? *Giggles* I’ll be available and taking calls from 6:30 till about 9pm EST. Bye for now!!

Happy Holidays (Part 2)

Hi guys :) I just wanted to write a quick note to give you a little update on my schedule, because it looks like I’m not going to have as much availability as I had originally hoped :( I know, I know, I’m a bad girl, again! But all this Christmas stuff is making everything SO hectic around here!

First, my Mommy’s plane was supposed to get in at about 5pm last night. Of course it was delayed, and when she finally landed, they had lost her luggage. By the time we finally got ONE of her bags, it was 11pm, and they said they would deliver the other one sometime today. (Mind you, the airport is about 30-45 minutes from my house.) And I don’t know if they have yet (delivered her luggage, I mean) because I’ve just spent all morning (well, morning for me anyway~we left at Noon! Lol) at the grocery store.

Did I mention I hated the mall when I went last week? Umm…yeah…I think I’d take the mall during Christmas ANY DAY over the grocery store on Christmas Eve!! OMG that place was insane! We were there for 3 hours, and then on the way out of the parking lot there were TWO different car accidents! TWO! I was still loading the trunk when I saw one of them, and the lady got out of her car and says to the guys she hit, “I looked both ways before I backed out!” And he’s standing there staring at her like, “And?” And she’s staring back like she expected him to tell her, “Oh, in that case~no problem!” People are so silly sometimes….. Kinda freaked me out though, so I had to drive like a grandma all the way home. :)

SO, we’re just finally getting back here and starting to make lunch, then we’re going to watch some movies and have a few drinks. I think. I hope anyway~my Mommy’s MUCH more entertaining after a few cocktails! Lol….. Anyway, back to my schedule: I don’t think I can commit to any availability till the day after Christmas. I may get too horny and log on for a bit tonight….but we’ll have to wait and see. If I do, it will be after 11pm EST. If not, look for me on Tuesday night…I know, it’s my Princess Day, but I’ll be having LOTS of Princess Days before then, right? :)

And if we don’t play again till then, have a VERY Merry Christmas!! Bye for now!

Happy Holidays!!!

Hi guys :) Well…what to say….. Actually, I have LOTS to say, I just don’t know how to start! Lol…. Anyway….I started this entry trying to write a “Christmas note”. Like I mean, “what I’m thankful for”. I felt kinda bad after Thanksgiving, I was reading everyone elses blogs and seeing that they’re all mentioning what they’re thankful for~and I guess I’m so spoiled I didn’t even think to do that for the holidays? *Giggles*

SO. I’m feeling like I should mention all the things that I’m thankful for…cause I’m definitely VERY happy and thankful this holiday season!! :) OKAY. So…I’m SO thankful for all of my amazing callers…all of YOU who make it happy and wonderful and SEXY for me to to what I do every day! I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again-you guys are SO fucking good to me!! From all the calls, to the feedback, to the wonderful wishlist prezzies, to your constant attention and your sweet lil notes!! Makes me a VERY happy and horny little girl! And I thank you for it…. :)

I’m also thankful for my loyal friends who are also phone sex girls….they’re always SO sweet to me!! And you all know how mcuh I HATE girls usually…unless I’m fucking them! Lol…. Anyway, just to name a few….Tara~Dulce De Leche, Celina~Teen Wet Dream, Ali~Forbidden Flirt, and Lyndee, my Luscious Lyndee….every single ONE of these girls goes out of their way to be SO wonderful to me!! And I so appreciate ALL of them…

Lastly…wait, there is no lastly!! Lol… I’m just a little bit too spoiled to find a whole laundry list of things I’m thankful for! (You guys know that already, right? Lol…) So for my last thing, I’ll just wish all of you a Merry, Merry Christmas!! In case we don’t talk before then (cause my Mommy gets in tomorrow) just know that I hope you all have the happiest of Holidays!! And of course, I hope you think LOTS of yummy thoughts about me in the cumming days…. *Giggles*

But on that note, my schedule or the next few days: I’m available and taking calls now, I’m taking a little break, but I’ll be back on at 8:15 or 8:30pm EST, until about 10pm EST. So call me tonight!! But for the next few days…Saturday through Monday, I’ll be on 11pm till 2 am. After that, I’m not sure yet, but I’ll update here when I know. But either way, Merry Christmas!!!

Bye for now!

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