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Sunday afternoon…..

Hi guys :) I know, I know, I’m late logging on…as usual….I’m trying to be so much better about it lately!! So don’t be too mad… I just spent the whole morning shopping with Erin so I ran home to take a shower and change and write you all a lil note before I start taking calls today. We went to this HUGE mall in Tampa to shop and have lunch….of course we called it “Christmas Shopping” but I don’t think either of us bought anything for anyone else! Lol…. The Christmas spirit is starting to get to me though, I think! While we were out I actually considered buying some stuff for my Mom and my little sister. Seriously, it really crossed my mind! *Giggles* Of course I didn’t do it or anything….but I think I’m making progress? :)

You guys have been keeping me super busy the last two days!! Which is always a good thing, of course~cause when I get lots and lots of calls I get to keep making my pussy cum. And you know how much I love doing that! *Giggles* I even stayed up WAY late on Friday night, I think I was taking calls till like…4 in the morning? I know, I haven’t stayed up taking calls that late in forever, but I had so much fun! It was kinda funny…I kept getting emails from you guys like, “Are you seriously on?” or “Such a surprise to see you on this late!” Lol…. Seriously, I know I always say this, but I should stay up that late more often!!

Let’s see if I have favorite callers to mention….ummm…my sweetie TR (thanks for the email sweetie! You know I understand…and I can’t wait to play with you again!), a new kinky guy who I’ll call Blue…why do I always like the kinky ones the best? Lol… GOD he was so much fun! Ummm…my favorite phone sex virgin, and WOW did I corrupt him totally this time!! He’s getting LOTS kinkier though, the more often I play with him….so maybe he’s just pretending to be corrupted by me? :) Hmmmm….

And of course, last but not least, my little slut Chase. I swear I’m getting better at this whole domination thing…for real! Cause if I told you all the kinky things I make him do to please me? WOW, I never thought I had it in me! *Giggles* I won’t tell anymore than that….he still has some slut assignments to complete for me before he deserves to be discussed. :) I will share the feedback he left me last night though…just to give you guys a little clue. You can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

Kylie has made me her little slut and I do thinks at her request that make her happy. She makes me do very dirty things and it is going to get dirtier. It’s awesome being the property of a young princess! Kylie is the best!!

Seriously…if you knew what a slut he is for his Princess Kylie…..LOL!! I love it!! (Don’t forget what you promised me, Chase….or I’ll put you on punishment, you little slut.)

And I guess that’s it! I’ll be logged on shortly, by 4pm at the latest, and I’ll be available and taking calls all night till at least 9pm EST, maybe later. So call me tonight!! Bye for now!

PS I almost forgot!! I have to say special thank you’s to Tantric for the yummy cash treat (Thank you sweetie! AND thanks for the yummy feedback!) and to my sexy Irish guy…for being so sweet and helping me out again just like he always does when I need him. (You know how much I appreciate it, my luv~TY!) Bye again, guys!

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