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Website news…and other stuff :)

Hi guys :) Jeez, I was so torn deciding whether or not to write today…. Kind of cause I don’t know if you’ll be bored with what I feel like writing right now, but also cause I was scrolling through and checking some blogs of other phone sex girls I link to? And they almost never post new entries!! As I was looking through them all…I was thinking, “WOW. Am I spoiling my guys? Should I start writing less often?” Lol! I don’t know…of course I got over it cause I’m obviously writing now….and anyway, you guys deserve to be spoiled! *Giggles* (The few exceptions were Lyndee, Madame, Nikki, and of course Angela St Lawrence. If you guys haven’t checked them out yet, you really should! I promise, you’ll be glad you did…)

Speaking of friends of mine who you should check out, have you guys seen my Call Me Cuties site this month? Right now, the featured cutie is Tara, and she is SO fucking hot!! But in addition to that, you’ll see some new links when you visit that site. I finally got approved to promote and sell the Fleshlight! Which in my opinion, is like, the best male sex toy ever created!! I already have a few favorite callers who use them…I won’t mention any names cause I haven’t asked permission. :) But if you haven’t tried this toy yet, you really should!! I like thinking that you’ll cum even harder while you play with me :)

And, last but not least, my holiday button is finished (as you can see up to your left) and I love it so much!! I also have a new holiday banner, which you can see here. Funny thing though…I’ve been getting lots of Christmas Prezzies already? But all of you are sending me cash! Go figure…. Like I said the other day, cash treats are always sweet…cause then I can buy whatever I want! So thanks to those of you who’ve been spoiling me already~you know how much I love it!! But as far as the wishlist goes…I’d have to say the gift I want the most is the pink IPod…for those of you who have asked what I want. My old MP3 player is only 512 MB, and it’s already full. *Pout*

ANYWAY. *Giggles* That’s it for website news…so I guess I’ll move on to favorite callers! Yesterday was another busy day~you guys are taking such good care of me lately!! TY!! So….I can’t say hello to everyone who called to play with me, cause not all of you remembered to leave me written feedback. *Sigh* So for now, there’s only two favorites: my new sweetheart Tantric, who’s making me SO very happy lately!! Reading my erotic stories, buying my pictures, sending me yummy cash treats, AND taking the time to ask me what gets me off! Did I mention how much I love it when you guys ask me what turns me on? Yeah….I really love it!! (So TY, sweetie!)

AND, my sweetie B12….wow, what to even say about him? I guess for now, I’ll just say he’s one of my *very* favorite guys!! Cause he makes me cum so hard, AND cause he leaves me the yummiest feedback~which I’ll share below. You can also read this on my Fantasy/Roleplaying Listing:

Ready for a mind-erasing, life-changing cum? …then call Kylie! She knows exactly what you want and will give it to you just the way that you want it. Would I call her again? Hell yes!! Try and stop me. :)

(I LOVED reading that one, my luv!! Thank you so much!!)

And I guess that’s it! I’m available and taking calls now, probably till 9 or 10pm EST, so call me tonight!! Remember, tomorrow is Princess Day, so I won’t be around all day. I’ll probably be watching the 5th season of “24″ with Erin all day….just FYI. But no worries! If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me Wednesday night after 5 or 6pm EST.

Bye for now!

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  1. Awwww, thanks for the recognition, my sweetness! Yes, I do think that you just named above the most loyal bloggers! But, I love writing about my clients, calls, and even some personal stuff!! Be on the lookout for the new abode pics soon!!! You are the sweetest, Kylie!

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