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Taking *very* good care of me….

Hi guys! :) Yep, I’m finally back from my Princess Day~and wow did I have so much fun this week!! Well, actually I was back and taking calls last night, too, but…more on that later. Anyway, you’ll probably laugh if I tell you what I did all day Tuesday, but I’m going to tell you anyway: Erin and I stayed in like, ALL day long and watched “24″. The fifth season. ALL 6 discs. Seriously! *Giggles* Of course, we had some wine while we watched…and we took little breaks to eat….but other than that? It was ALL Jack Bauer ALL day. And we loved it!! I swear, I love that show so much~we decided Jack Bauer is kinda like a cross between Superman and James Bond. Don’t you think? But you’re not allowed to laugh at me! Lol…. I’m allowed to do stupid stuff sometimes on my Princess Day if I feel like it. :)

Okay, new subject. Have I mentioned you guys are taking *very* good care of me lately? I’m teasing a lil bit~I know I said it the other day. BUT, the past few days have made me *extra* happy….because of three things. Number one: lots and LOTS of calls!! I mean for real, Monday night I almost made my pussy a lil bit sore I was playing with it so much! And it was kinda weird…my favorite vibrator these days is my HUGE magic wand massager? Mostly because it plugs in so I never run out of batteries….but also cause (no kidding) when I turn it up on high and rub it against my clit? I can usually cum in like 3 minutes flat. :) But I digress-back to my point. I used that thing so many times on Monday night, the handgrip was starting to get HOT and I had to force myself to put it away! Maybe a few hundred volts of electricity aren’t always the safest thing to use so close to my sweet lil pussy? Who knew? *Giggles*

SO, on to number two: favorite callers…let’s see….jeez, there’s so many today :) Okay, my sexy Irish guy…(That was SUCH a hot call, sweetie! Did I surprise you at the end? I’m thinking I did…but I’m thinking you liked it! TY) SS, I guess we’ve played a few times in the past few days… who always makes me cum SO fucking hard I get my sheets wet! I mean it! Every single time we play. (So TY, sweetie!)

Umm…Tantric….who is probably my favorite new guy lately….and I guess we’ve also played a few times recently!! He’s always super sweet to me…and also super kinky! wait, maybe that’s why I like him so much? :) He also left me my favorite feedback, which I will share below, but you can also read on my Anything Goes Listing:

Kylie is definately the best of the best. Some might come close, but, hands down, if there’s one girl on here that gets it right every time AND takes the time to know your ins and outs, it’s Kylie. She makes it sooooo good.

That was SO sweet of you, my luv~TY!! (Also…I should say thank you for answering me the other day…and for not minding!! You know what I’m talking about~I appreciate it!!)

K, the third reason I’ve been so happy lately is: You guessed it! Prezzies!!! Lots and lots of Christmas Prezzies~you guys are spoiling me rotten again!! A new CD from my little slut Chase…yeah, it was to make it up to me for not finishing his slut assignments properly….but still! (TY, sweetie! I forgive you now.) Some new porn DVDs from my sweet RB (WOW. That’s all I can say after watching those is WOW, sweetie! You surprised me!! But I thank you!!)

And LOTS of prezzies from my silly old Bill. Yes, I have to call him that…cause he really is silly and old….but you all know I like older men! :) My Bill is a little different because he’s totally addicted to me and my cute lil pussy….AND because he knows he has to behave himself if he wants me to let him keep calling me :) So this week, he bought me a new ceramic curling iron, some YUMMY body lotion from this spa I like in NYC, AND the pink IPod I was dying for!!! YAY! I’m so excited! :) Usually I would say thank you here….but Bill already got his thank you last night. I let him lick my sweet lil pussy and thank me for the pleasure~and that’s all the thanks he deserves! LOL! Well, that and being mentioned here in my blog…so I hope you’re reading this, Bill! (You can tell me all about how happy it made you when we talk tonight.)

Seriously though…you all know how I LOVE to be spoiled…AND how prezzies always make my pussy wet! Lol… But the real thing I love is that you guys always take the time to show me how much you appreciate me. I think I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have such great callers!! So thanks again! :)

Anyway….it’s getting late (and this entry is getting really long! Lol) so I’ll end this now. I’ll be available and taking calls soon, probably by 3:45 or 4pm EST, until at least 9pm EST, probably later. And I’m kinda horny cause I haven’t cum all day? So call me tonight!!

Bye for now!!

4 Responses to “Taking *very* good care of me….”

  1. Jens says:

    Hi Kylie,

    Do you take calls from girls as well as fellers? I might just have to give you a call.

    I wouldn’t mind giving this a try myself to be honest. I love to talk, in fact people usually complain I never shut up!


  2. Kylie says:

    Of course I do Jens….LOVE your blog, btw! If you ever call me though, you have to promise to talk in your sexy accent. English accents always turn me on :)

  3. JB says:

    There is nothing stupid about Jack Bauer or Superman. I can totally see the correlation between the two. I was just asked the other day who would win in a fight, Jack Bauer or Superman and I still haven’t given an answer. That’s how close it would be……

  4. Kylie says:

    LOL!! You’re so funny, Daddy…I KNEW you would agree with me :)

    xoxo, Kylie

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