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I’m a REAL girl…..

Hi guys! :) Jeez, I’ve been trying to write this entry for HOURS, I swear….fisrt, I got a little distracted by this new Christina Aguilera CD I just got from my little slut Chase…at first I thought it was kinda mediocre, but then I hit on this song called, “Hurt”, and it was seriously too much for me. (I’m not telling anymore than that, you’ll have to download it yourself and see what I mean.) I was crying and sniffling and ALL that….out of nowhere! I won’t get into the reasons why, just suffice it to say I’m not crying anymore~actually, as of now, I’m in a GREAT mood! (More on that in a sec.) Sorry for the tiny little “depressing note”….but if there’s anything I always tell you guys, it’s that I’m a REAL girl! So sometimes, it does happen that I’m not the happy, sweet lil girl you’ve all come to know. Or should I say “CUM” to know…? *Giggles* I think it’s good that you all get the “balanced” view of my personality, though…don’t you think? :)

Anyway, so my point is, I was in a sad mood earlier today…so I decided to log on and be available and taking calls. Cause having phone sex and making my tight lil pussy cum is the best way I know to lift my spirits! And what do you know, my phone’s been ringing off the HOOK again today!! And I love it!! (Thanks, guys!) I’m sure I have some favorite callers to mention…so, let’s see….

Okay, WOW! My sweetheart Tantric is spoiling me with yummy cash treats again~I just saw that, so thank you sweetie!! My TR….who says I’m his Princess now….gotta love that!! Also gotta love the way he made me cum SO fucking hard this afternoon…. *Giggles* (I LOVED it, sweetie!! No more revenge for you….) My sweetie KB, for allowing me to suck his cock and be his good little….well, I won’t tell what I was…HE knows what I mean though! (So TY, Sir! I hope I pleased you!)

Hmm…let’s see if I have favorite feedback to share….OH yeah!! This one’s from my sweetie TR..NOW you’ll see what I mean when I said I’m his Princess now! Lol… I’ll share it below, but you can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

oh, Princess Kylie. you know just what to say to me every time. each call continues to be such an incredibly hot experience. i want more. more, more.

And I guess that’s it!! I’m available and taking calls now, I should be on till at least 8pm EST, possibly till my normal 9pm…but I’m not sure yet. I may be going out to a party wih Erin and some girls she works with…if so, I’ll be logging off at 8. As of now, it looks like I’ll still be on till 9pm, but who knows. No worries, though!! There’s still plenty of time for you to call and CUM with me tonight!! So call me! If you don’t catch me tonight, look for me tomorrow after 4pm EST. Oh…and if I actually end up getting fucked tonight? I PROMISE I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow! :) Bye for now!!

3 Responses to “I’m a REAL girl…..”

  1. My sweet, Kylie! I know just the song you are talking about, and it did/does the same thing to me. Nothing wrong with us shedding a few tears every now and again, just shows we are humans with emotions!
    Now, dry those tears, and get that little “snatch” of yours to work!!
    Cheer up, pumpkin!

  2. Silly says:

    We wouldn’t want you anything more than the real girl that you already are Kylie! Don’t you change a bit sillyhead…

  3. Kylie says:

    You’re so sweet to me, Miss Lyndee!! Thanks for your kind words…. And as for you, Mr. Silly…..I love YOUR words as well! But you’ve been being PRETTY naughty the last few days, haven’t you? Ask that guy you work with who always tells you secrets if he knows what I’m talking about…. :)

    xoxo, Kylie

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