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My Weekend~a little recap…..

Hi guys! :) I have a few things to say, but I should start with saying a big huge I’m SORRY for not being available yesterday!! Really, I am!! I guess I took what most people might call a “mental health day”…although I don’t know how healthy it turned out to be, seeing as I was on the phone with my Mommy for like….6 hours total all day long! Lol…

It was good though…good talking to her, and she makes me laugh so much! I was trying to explain to her that I won’t be taking calls while she’s here making Christmas Dinner….and the reasons WHY I wouldn’t be? (I.E. I’m too fucking loud, and I don’t want to offend her with some of the taboo stuff that I LOVE to talk about?) And she told me, “Don’t be silly!! I have my new MP3 player that you bought me, I’ll just put my headphones on and when your phone rings, you can go in your room and shut the door!” Ummm…no. LMAO! Even though she’s so obviously cool with it…this is just a heads up that from December 23rd till the 26th, I may only be available sporadically. She’s not staying with me, so maybe I’ll do some late night hours like I love so much? :) We’ll see….

Seriously though, I’m truly sorry I wasn’t around to play with you guys yesterday!! Hopefully you’ll let me make it up to you tonight? *Giggles* I have to imagine you’re not too mad at me…cause WOW have you guys been shopping my wishlist today!! I don’t think I’ve been expecting THIS many prezzies since….well….I’m not sure if I’ve ever been expecting this many before!! So thank you SO much again! I can’t get specific cause I don’t know who bought them for me till they come. I did get the sports sleeve for my new IPod from my silly old Bill today…hopefully the IPod will come tomorrow~I’m so excited!! :)

And I know you’re all wondering, so I guess I’ll tell you: Yes, Erin and I went out on Saturday night. To a couple of bars here in town. Yes, we had quite a few drinks, as usual, and I actually tried Mojitos! Have you ever tried one? They’re really yummy!! Anyway…no, there were no guys with us. But yes, we did meet some while we were out. No one cute enough to take home, but several who were nice enough to be our “benefactors”. (That’s what Erin calls guys who buy us drinks. Lol…)

We got home at like 1am, pretty much wasted (so bad we had to take a taxi home, actually) and the people 4 houses down from me were having this HUGE party, with like a DJ and catering and LOTS and lots of people…so we went to my kitchen and grabbed a six pack and just walked down and crashed. Lol… It was okay, the music was good anyway. We danced a little bit, but we had already had WAY too much to drink by then, and we didn’t really know anyone, so we didn’t stay long. We were home and in bed sleeping by…3am, I think?

And, NO, it was NOT another naked sleepover night! Lol… She slept in my bed but completely innocently~she left at about Noon.

SO. That was my weekend! I hope you guys had a good one as well…. I’m available and taking calls now, and I should be till at least 9pm EST, maybe later. So call me tonight!! Just remember, if you don’t catch me tonight, tomorrow is Princess Day, so I’ll be completely incommunicado. Hopefully I’ll get to make my tight lil pussy cum a few times before then? It feels like it’s been forever!

Bye for now!

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