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The Perfect Guy….

Hi guys :) Yes, I’m finally back from Princess Day~I probably won’t be available and taking calls till about 4pm today, but still!! I’m back! Did you miss me? *Giggles* I kinda have mixed emotions about my Princess Day this week…. I had SO much stuff to do, getting my house ready for my Mommy to visit, and the last of my Christmas shopping. Well, really the only Christmas shopping I’m doing for anyone but me, lol…. But you know what I mean. :)

Anyway, Tuesday morning, I had what was supposed to be a routine maintenance check on my car, which turned into a coolant flush and refill AND having my front brakes replaced. I mean completely replaced. Pads and shoes and rotors and everything. Oh, and while I was there? They also told me I needed to have the drums on the rear ones replaced ASAP to “avoid contamination of the hardware”, whatever that means. I guess I have a vague idea, but all that matters is that it’s expensive. Grrr! I was so pissed! But, since I didn’t want it to get any worse, I made an appointment to go back on Wednesday morning to get it done. SO, several hundred dollars later, my car was all fixed but I was in a crappy mood! :(

Then I got home, and all over my doorstep were wishlist prezzies!! LOTS and lots of them! I won’t go into detail, there’s too many to list! (Just click the link to go to my wishlist if you want to take a look.) From B12 (Thank you sweetie!! You know how much I love them all!) AND my Silly Old Bill (more on him in a second.) And that, of course, totally brightened my mood!! This is what I meant by the “mixed emotions” comment earlier…cause by the time I finished unwrapping them all, I barely remembered being pissed in the first place! Lol….

But then I decided: I think the perfect guy for me would have to be: a guy who doesn’t mind spoiling me rotten (on at least a semi regular basis), who likes to lick my tight lil pussy (a LOT!), who doesn’t mind that I have phone sex and masturbate all day long (lol)….AND who’s totally willing to take my car to the shop for me and sit there waiting while it gets fixed so I don’t have to! :) Of course, he also has to be older than me and taller than me….but those are just details. :) If any one of you fits that description, can you please move to Florida? Pretty please? *Giggles*

I should do favorite callers…but I’m not sure if I did them Monday night or not…let me go check…. WOW, I guess I didn’t! Let’s see… Of course, my SS, who’s becoming a bit of a mind reader lately, I think. We talk for like two minutes and then he just knows what to say to make me cum SO fucking hard! Definitely yummy! My favorite phone sex virgin, who got the tease and denial session of his life last night! I swear~sometimes I just get in a mood with him, lol…. I think he brings out the Mistress in me? And no, I wasn’t TOO mean! Of course I let him cum! After a while, anyway….. *Giggles* My sweetie TR….mmmm, I had SO much fun with him!! When don’t I have fun with him though…? I always do, every single time. (You’re one of my very favorites, my luv! I always look forward to the “slices”.)

And, last but not least, my Silly Old Bill. Who, of course, is still silly, and OLD, and NO, I still don’t let him even dream about ever getting to fuck my pussy! But, he is pretty amusing…and I do like the way he always wants to taste my panties…I really love the way he’s always spoiling me rotten lately!! The past two days alone, he got me some Vera Wang Perfume and a new CD Player/Car stereo….not to mention my pretty pink IPod! But the reason I like him the MOST (for today at least!) is this feedback he just left me, which was my favorite yesterday. I’ll share it below, but you can also find this on my Kinky/Extreme Roleplay Listing:

Little by little, step by step, Kylie is taking control. She smells so good, tastes so sweet, flashes Her panties so teasingly, that i can’t help myself.

Oh, and he SO can’t help himself, either!! He really means it! Maybe I’ll let him stick around for a while…? We’ll see….. I guess if he keeps behaving himself, I’ll consider it. *Giggles*

AND, I guess that’s it! I’ll be available and taking calls soon, like I said, by 4pm EST, maybe a little earlier~until 9pm EST, maybe a little later. So call me tonight! You guys have been keeping me so busy lately, I LOVE it!! But it also means that sometimes, I’m kinda hard to get ahold of, and I’m sorry about that! That’s why I’ve been trying to stay on a little later the past few days… Anyway, if you’re trying to reach me and I’m on a call, just click “arrange a call” and I promise, I’ll take your call as soon as I possibly can. :)

Bye for now!

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  1. Mister Vitamins says:

    I hope that you and your “catly man” Arnold enjoy your presents Kylie! Thanks again for the yummy call last night too…hearing your sweet voice makes me melt… Happy Holidays! :)

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