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Wednesday night….

Hi guys! :) Yes, I’m finally back~and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!! My Mommy left this morning to fly back to freezing ass Michigan….I was so sad to see her go! But it was a good visit, she cooked Christmas Dinner for Emma and I AND she bought all the stuff to cook it AND she cleaned up the kitchen and washed all the dishes after! Does it get any better than that? Lol…

But even beyond all that stuff, we had a really good time. :) Yesterday we went shopping and she bought me some more girly pajamas and panties and stuff…what else…some cat food for my cat man (even though she hates him) some fuzzy pink slippers, and a Hello Kitty water cooler for my bedroom. Yes, it’s pink. And no, I’m not kidding. *Giggles* Plus, she took me to see, Dreamgirls yesterday~which was good, but someone should have warned me that it was a musical. I mean, I LOVE musicals! I always have. And this was a good one….but it was so drawn out and long? By the end, everyone in the theater (including my Mom, who suggested it in the first place!) would *sigh* out loud when they would start singing. Seriously, it was like every other scene! I think I would have waited for the DVD. :)

SO. Like I said, I’m finally back, and I’m going to log on by 6:30pm EST. I’ve missed talking to you guys!! And I’ve definitely missed playing with you!! I didn’t even make my pussy cum last night, I was so damn tired after all that shopping with my mom. Ooh, wait-I just lied…I DID make myself cum at about 4 this morning….I kept waking up to sexy dreams again! I don’t know if I’m just seriously starved for phone fucking or if my new pillows are haunted by some kind of sex demon…lol….but for real! I kept waking up and waking up…and usually I’d wait till I made myself cum in my sleep? But last night I would wake up totally thinking I had my fingers on my clit? And then I’d look down and see them on top of my blankets. SO frustrating!! So I finally had to rub my clit cause my pussy was all slippery in my panties. Yes, I did it with my fingers, not my vibrator. And no, I’m NOT telling what my dreams were about!! Cause they were kinda embarrassing! *Blushes*

But maybe….I’ll consider telling those of you who call me tonight? *Giggles* I’ll be available and taking calls from 6:30 till about 9pm EST. Bye for now!!

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