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Saturday afternoon…..

Hi guys :) I hope you’re all having a good Saturday so far! I’ve been SO lazy all morning~so I’m EXTRA proud of myself that I’m actually writing a note to you guys before I log on! Yeah, I know it’s already 3:30…but you guys aren’t really expecting me before 4pm anymore, are you? Lol…. Anyway, so I slept in, and then I stayed in bed for a while finishing this book that B12 sent me, The Virgins Lover, which was pretty good! I’m kind of obsessed with these “period pieces” lately….books set in the 17th and 18th centuries? With a little bit of drama and some “shocking” sex stuff, of course! (Not shocking to you or me….but definitely shocking to people back then. Lol) Anyway, you get my point. Actually, my REAL point in describing all that was to remind you all that my birthday is cumming up on January 4th…just a little hint for those of you who have asked me what I really want! :)

So after that, I took a bubble bath (again, courtesy of B12~thank you, sweetie!) a bright blue one with bubbles everywhere…smelled kind of like patchouli and cinnamon. As usual, I stayed in till I got all pruny, with a tiny break in the middle of it to sit up on my knees and shave my pussy all sweet and clean. *Giggles* I swear it makes me cum harder when it’s perfectly smooth like this…just feels sexier or something? I don’t know…. And THEN I was trying to decide what to write about today. SO, I took a stroll over to PervScan. And OMG!!

I know I’ve linked to this site before, but have you guys checked it out yet? If you haven’t, you SO totally should!! Okay, SO many crazy sexy articles to choose from, but which did I like best? Hmmm…I’m kind of torn between “Student Ejaculates in Cafeteria Salad Dressing” (Here’s a little quote:“A [Somewhere] High School student is expected to surrender to police Monday on charges that he doctored a bottle of salad dressing in the school cafeteria with his own semen in a practical joke that met with disgust.” OMG I laughed my ASS off at that one!) And “Man Tells Court Girl Had Sex With Goblins” (I’m not even going to quote that one….you just have to check it out yourself!!) For real, stroll over to PervScan and read the rest of the articles. They’re TOO fucking funny! :)

Anyway! On to favorite callers….you guys have been keeping me busy again lately!! And I love, love, LOVE it!! Especially cause I took all that time off while my Mommy was here…it’s really great when my phone rings off the hook like that. :) So let’s see….my favorite phone sex virgin let me corrupt him completely…again! And GOD that was a hot call! (I think you liked my little surprise….didn’t you? *Giggles*) Umm…my kinda new friend, D in CA, who I think is the first guy I’ve met EVER who is TRULY as kinky and naughty as I am!! So naughty, in fact…that I’m not going to share more cause I haven’t asked him if I’m allowed to. :) But I fucking love it!! And I REALLY love cumming with him! (So TY, sweetie!)

Umm…my current favorite, TR, two calls in two days, even!! Yummy HOT calls and he ALWAYS lets me pick where he cums…on me…or in me…or down my throat! SO yummy!! (Thanks for being so sweet to me, my luv…I agree with you about the “interactivity”, but that’s a two way street, Mister! Lol) And for favorite feedback…it’s from the other day, from my sexy Irish guy, but I think this is really the BEST feedback I’ve ever gotten! I know, I know, I’ve said it before, but it’s allowed to change!! You guys keep writing me better ones! *Giggles* I’ll share it below, but you can also read this on my Girls Next Door Listing:

I have a complaint! Kylie is now so popular that it’s becoming very difficult to catch her lit up Call Me button. But when that button lights up I dare anyone who’s ever called her in the past to resist pressing it. I’ve tried (just as an experiment) and it’s bloody impossible. There’s a reason why she’s so popular; it’s difficult to put into words because the experience with her is so sensual and so genuine, the memories can keep you alive for hours afterwards and I dread the day she hangs her undies up and retires from the scene ;) Happy New Year Kylie from the Emerald Isle…

See?! Told you it was wonderful….and I LOVED reading it!! (So thank you sooo much, my luv!! Have you really tried to resist me? Lol… Happy New Year to you, too!)

And I guess that’s it! I’ll be available and taking calls all night tonight, from 4 or 4:30pm EST until at least 10, probably later. AND, I haven’t made my pussy cum all day today! So if you’re horny and you have some time, call me tonight!! As of now, I’m not sure if I have plans for New Years Eve or not…so I might be around all weekend. We’ll have to wait and see…. I’ll post here and let you guys know when I find out, though. Bye for now!

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