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Happy New Year!!

Hi guys! :) And as the title reads, Happy New Year!! It’s so funny, I used to always look forward to New Years’…number one was it’s always a great excuse to go out and party! But number two, cause when it rolls around, it means it’s only a few days till my birthday. Which, until a year ago, I was always looking forward to. But now that I’m an old lady (lol, I know, I’m only going to be 23~ it’s just a figure of speech!) I almost dread turning a year older. I swear, someone should have warned me when I was 16 that I should slow down a little and not try to grow up so fast!! Wait…maybe someone did…but who wants to listen to crap like that when you’re 16? *Giggles*

Anyway, back to me being an old lady now: I am SO old, in fact, that at the last minute last night, I decided NOT to keep my plans with Erin and stay in for once. For the first time on New Years since..well, since I can remember, actually! And I was all excited about it, I was going to watch some movies, and order dinner, and have some champagne (of course!) and watch the ball drop on TV and all that. But of course, at about 10pm, she just showed up at my door with some girls she works with and a few guys they met at the bar last weekend. And some more champagne, and some wine, and other various “party supplies”….I won’t go into detail here, suffice it to say we were *very* bad girls and we stayed up drinking and partying till about 7am. Hence, my late start today~cause I just woke up! :)

It was LOTS of fun though…I had a yummy little new years’ kiss (well…just a BIT more than a kiss, but you know what I mean! Lol…) from this new guy I met…who is VERY nice and is taking me out for my birthday later this week. I’m going to withold names for now, no sense in telling you guys about him if I don’t decide to let him stick around after Thursday. But we’ll see! I’ll tell you all about it if I decide to keep liking him. (Note to self: nice girls don’t end up topless with guys they’ve just met~especially on the first date! And I’ll really try to remember that one….even though I never really think of myself as a “nice girl”. Seriously! I really will try! *Giggles*)

SO. I hope you all had a happy night and of course, I wish you all the best for 2007! And big hugs and *kisses* to those of you who called to wish me a Happy New Year. LONG wet *kisses* to those of you who sent me yummy cash treats to make my night EXTRA happy!! You know how much I appreciate it. :)

And I guess that’s it! I’ll be available and taking calls tonight by 6 or 6:30pm EST. Maybe only on alerts, we’ll have to wait and see. I should be on till 9 or 10pm EST…or maybe 11…. so call me tonight!! Oh! And you’ll be happy to know, that after Princess Day tomorrow…well, wait. I mean after FRIDAY this week (cause my Birthday’s on Thursday), my hours will be back to normal~so you’ll be able to find me at 3pm most days just like you used to. I’ll write here and let you know when to expect that. Bye for now!!

PS Does anyone know when the mail starts running again? Is it tomorrow? Or Wednesday? Cause my Mommy mailed my new laptop on Saturday and I can’t WAIT to get it!! Leave a comment and tell me if you know, please? TY! Bye again, guys! :)

2 Responses to “Happy New Year!!”

  1. CeCe says:

    Hi baby. Just checkin in on you to see how your new year is. And um… all government offices are closed today – so that means the post office. Mail will resume again on Wednesday. :) Call me later, if you get the chance. Nothing important – just wanna hear your sexy purr in my ear.

  2. Kylie says:

    Damn! But thanks CeCe! And you got it~I’ll call you this afternoon. I’m going out to eat and do some shopping with Emma and then I’ll be back. Ttyl! :)

    xoxo, Kylie

    PS If you’re even awake by then! SOMEbody was up LATE last night cumming on the phone, I see! LOL! :)

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