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Thursday afternoon….

Hi guys :) Yes, I’m finally back from my Princess Day~although this week it was kind of more like a “Princess Weekend”, lol. So what if my weekend is Tuesday and Wednesday? Anyway, I don’t know, I just didn’t really get much time to myself on Tuesday~between working out and having lunch with Emma and stupid chores and laundry and stuff. Did I mention I’m over that whole clean freak thing? Yeah…well, I still want it clean around here all the time, I’m just over loving all the chores. I guess it had to happen someday….

Anyway, so when Wednesday rolled around, I was feeling really lazy so I just didn’t want to log on. Funny how doing dishes and vacuuming can make a girl feel not so sexy, isn’t it? *Giggles* I know my hours are kinda limited, so I always feel bad when I don’t log on during my posted hours…but I think the last time I took two whole days off in a row was sometime in…oh wait. I guess it was in October, so not too long ago. But still! You get my point. :)

It was good though, not only did I enjoy a totally lazy “ME” day yesterday, I finished watching season 2 of “Grey’s Anatomy”, started a new book, “The Other Boleyn Girl”, I had a long, yummy Creamy Candy scented bubble bath (courtesy of B12, of course) AND I got prezzies!! Some Cd’s I really wanted from my master AF, some pretty pink lingerie from him also (Thank you, sweetie!), and the new car stereo/CD receiver that my Silly Old Bill bought me ages ago. Plus some yummy cash treats I wasn’t expecting, tips when I’m not even logged on! I love it! Don’t I keep saying you guys are SO good to me? Yes, you really are, and I always appreciate it!

The best part of me taking two days off? Is that now I’m like craving phone sex. Like seriously craving it! I did make my pussy cum a few times over the last few days (of course I did! You know I can’t ever wait TOO long!) but none of those times were on the phone so it doesn’t count. Have you guys been horny without me? Or have you been too busy watching football playoffs to miss me too much? *Giggles* I’m just teasing….but hopefully you’ll find some time to call me and play with me tonight! I’ll be available and taking calls soon, from 3:30pm till at least 9pm EST, maybe later.

And I guess that’s it! OH! Before I go (gotta do some web stuff and check my emails before I log onto Niteflirt) I have to share some favorite feedback. It’s been forever since I have, and I LOVED reading this one, so here it is. It’s from my sweetheart TR…and you can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

i have such a crush on this girl. my calls with her veer from incredibly sweet to ridiculously hot and it always leaves me breathing heavily with a spinning head. thank you again, Princess. i’m going to go daydream about tasting you on my lips now…

As far as favorite callers? I’m so far behind right now in doing that I don’t think I can catch up. So I’m just going to start over with that starting TODAY, I promise! I PROMISE promise, even. So don’t be too mad….or at least try not to be. :) Bye for now!

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