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Some favorites…..

Hi guys :) It’s almost 9pm, so I’m almost done for the night (well, I’ll probably stay on till 10pm EST tonight) but I wanted to stop in and say hello before Princess Day! So HI!! *Giggles* I’ve only been on alerts all day today, but I’m a *very* happy lil girl cause you guys have still been calling to play with me! Today AND last night, for that matter. Have I mentioned lately how much I love it when you guys keep my phone ringing and my pussy cumming? Only about a thousand times? Okay…well here’s 1001 cause I really do appreciate it! And I REALLY appreciate that you keep leaving me tips after our yummy calls….that and your feedback always makes me smile. :)

On that note (and, the point of this entry’s title) I should do favorite callers….but I think today I’ll share favorite feedback instead. Cause I have a few! :) You can read them below, but you can also find these on my Anything Goes Listing:

From my sweetie TR~and so my pulse-quickening attraction to this sexy little force of nature continues unabated. there was ample physical evidence of the hotness of this particular call. wow. i really didn’t mean to tease you, baby, but – if it just puts me at your mercy like that, i might have to do it again. you’re amazing. It’s not nice to tease me, TR…just wait till I tease and DENY you next time! *Giggles* I’m just playing….you know you love it, though. :)

From B12~Kylie, Kylie, Kylie…she was a very bad girl today and needed to be taught a hot lesson. So, I needed to be a little “rough” with her. She was a very good girl though, eventually…lol… Good thing she knows just how to be good at being very, very bad. :) I owe you one (or more) Kylie…you can cum for a “ride” with me anytime. Until next time sweet, sweet Kylie… And what a ride it was!! Btw…was that you who just bought me all the belated birthday prezzies from my wishlist this weekend?? If it was…you can consider us “even” for now. Lol….

And, from my master AF…this one I had to share just cause it made me laugh so hard~Wow what a hottie! I can’t say enough. Even Martin Luther King would give this hottie a try! You are SO silly, mister…..can I imagine you saying that in the accent? Pretty please? :)

And I guess that’s it! I have a SUPER busy day planned tomorrow~I’m going to get some new glasses, the cable guy is coming over to set up a new broadband hookup for my new laptop (YAY!) and I have to take the Arnold Cat to the groomers. PLUS I have some “24″ to catch up on on my DVR. And a bubble bath or two….and a few cat naps….and of COURSE a few rounds with my favorite pretty pink vibrator! You know I can’t leave my pussy completely neglected just cause it’s Princess Day….LOL!

I WILL still be available and taking calls tonight though, for about another hour and ten minutes. So if you’re still up..and if you’re horny? Call me tonight!! Bye for now!

2 Responses to “Some favorites…..”

  1. Mister Vitamins says:

    I plead the fifth…you’ll have to smother me to get any more out of me…can I make some suggestions for you on how to do that? :) Don’t try too hard to get a discount installation from the cable guy today Kylie…LOL!

  2. Kylie says:

    I didn’t! Promise! He was late AND he wasn’t cute to me….lol….I was willing to pay full price just to get him out of my house!

    Wait…was that too bitchy? *Giggles* Oh well…..
    xoxo, Kylie

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