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Friday evening….

Hi guys :) I don’t want to sound too cliche and say “TGIF”, but now I guess I’ve already said it, so….lol! But seriously, I’m in a SUPER happy mood today so I hope you’re all having a great Friday as well! I don’t know, I’ve just had a good week so far….I got my new glasses (I haven’t picked them up yet so I can’t tell you how cute they are just yet~maybe tomorrow.) I took my Arnold Cat to the groomers, and I did LOTS of shopping on Wednesday…some groceries of course, but also a new cell phone and some clothes and cute little pj’s and panties~you know, all the girly stuff I love so much! :) PLUS, I got more wishlist prezzies….a shower radio from my sweet B12 (TY, sweetie!) and some new bras from my Mommy. And just in case you hadn’t noticed…prezzies always make me a *very* happy lil girl! :)

And to top it all off, yesterday was one of the BEST days I’ve had on the phones in a long time!! I swear, I thought some of you guys had forgotten about me after Christmas…but I guess maybe you were just taking a break or something? :) Cause lots and LOTS of my *very* favorite regular guys called to play with me yesterday!! My pussy boy, my master AF, my sexy Irish guy, and of course, my DarkSoul. He wrote me my favorite feedback, so I’m going to share it below~but you can also read it on my Anything Goes Listing:

Well, I couldn’t just go to sleep without leaving Kylie some kind words… Who needs Tae-bo when you’ve got Kylie-bo? If her sweet voice and naughty imagination don’t get your pulse up, call the coroner because you’re dead! I swear I thought I would pass out from how wound up she got me before I finished! It’s been a long time since I caught her on at the time I was on, and oh how I’ve missed this girl.

SO sweet! Thanks so much for that, my luv….and also for making me cum so hard! I think I went straight to sleep after…..I’ll stay up later from now on if I know it means I get to cum that hard! *Giggles* There’s also a few new callers I’d like to mention, cause the calls were looong and yummy….but I can’t cause they didn’t leave me any feedback. *Sigh* (That was a HUGE hint to you guys if you’re reading this! Lol!)

And I guess that’s it! I’m available and taking calls now, till about 9 or 9:30pm EST, looking *very* sexy today in a dark brown ribbed tank top (no bra) and some tiny little light brown velour shorts. But no worries! I’ll be MORE than happy to take it all off for you if you call to play with me… So call me tonight! I can’t wait to play with you! :)

Bye for now!

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