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FINALLY! I’m back…..

Hi guys :) Okay, this post is a long time coming, I know~I’ve just been kinda busy the last couple of days. So try not to be too mad! As for my Princess Day-I did go to the spa, but I couldn’t do the whole six hour treatment I was planning on…I don’t know, I just couldn’t imagine sitting still that long! Lol…. So instead, I had a massage, and a facial, and a manicure/pedicure, and then I took the rest of the cash I was planning on spending to go shopping and buy some clothes. Including (of course!) some sexy lil panties~you know I can’t go shopping without buying at least one pair of panties, right? *Giggles* Sexy red, pink and white lacy ones this time, in case you wondered….

Then Erin wanted to take me out to dinner~as a belated birthday present~so I let her con me into going to the Olive Garden. BAD decision. *Spectacularly* bad, even! OMG, it was so awful, and the service was bad, and my bellini was awful and I SWEAR I’m never going back there as long as I live! At least I didn’t have to pay for it…but still. LOL!

We went out to have some drinks afterwards….we were drinking Margaritas so we got WAY too wasted way too quick! It was a good thing though….I think we got home at about….3am? AND I got to have my bed all to myself cause she wanted to drive home! I know, right? She never does that…maybe she finally realized it’s not such a good idea to sleep in my bed with me when I haven’t been fucked in like, forever? *Giggles* I’m just teasing….I would never actually fuck my best girlfriend. If I get in the mood to be fucked, maybe I should just return Ryan’s calls one of these days? :) And before you ask, NO I don’t want to date that guy anymore….he’s kind of…clingy. And one of my *biggest* pet peeves is guys who are too clingy. I hate that.

Other than that, it’s been a pretty calm week around here! I’ve watched a few movies, “The Guardian” (which was good, but WAY too long) and “Saw III” (which was REALLY good, but SO graphic! Like, SCARY graphic! You should see it though-even though you might have to cover your eyes like I did…lol)

AND, I’ve been logging on kind of late, most days it’s cause I’m busy talking to my pussy boy for most of the afternoon, but I PROMISE it will get better this weekend! I’m available and taking calls now (it’s only 4:45!) and I’ll be on till at least 9pm EST, probably later. And I know you guys have missed me, right? Like, your cocks are hard and aching and just *dying* to have some yummy phone sex with your sweet lil girl? GOOD! Cause I’ve been SO super horny all day today! AND all last night…I used my vibrator so many times last night I thought I hurt my clit or something! It was all sore and sensitive and stuff? (No worries, guys~I’ve already made myself cum twice today and everything is back to normal. Lol!) But still! That’s never happened to me before, it was weird.

Anyway, so my point was: I’m horny and I wanna play tonight!! So if you see me available, call me!! (You know you want to…) Bye for now!

2 Responses to “FINALLY! I’m back…..”

  1. Mister Vitamins says:

    I agree Kylie…down with Olive Garden…their microwavable food is not good for you! I personally like to eat pussy instead…lol… ;)

  2. Kylie says:

    Hmmm…really? I think I like that idea MUCH better! Staying in bed while you lick my pussy instead of going out to dinner, I mean….

    xoxo, Kylie

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