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Cum warm me up…..

Hi guys :) I should warn you, this entry may be a little bit boring…at least at the beginning, it will be! So I’m sorry in advance~but I’ll get the boring stuff over as quickly as possible, I promise. :) Okay, I was taking calls last night…not till about 4pm or so, but still! Lol…. Anyway, I’ve been on “alerts” most days lately, and I never think it’s a big deal when I do that~cause most of you know that even though I’m only on alerts you can still call me, right? Well…I guess I forgot that I haven’t talked about the “alerts” thing in a long while, so not everyone knows what that means.

SO, we’re going to have the alerts conversation again. (This is the boring part I mentioned…if you already know what I’m going to say next~feel free to skip ahead. *Giggles*) K. When my call button says “alerts”, it doesn’t mean I’m busy. I *very* seldom take calls when I’m out and about, so it probably means I’m here! I put myself on that status if I’m like…in the bathtub…or talking to my Mommy…or doing boring housework like vacuuming or something. Basically, whenever I’m doing something where I might not hear the phone ring. But just cause I’m doing something else, doesn’t mean I’m not totally ready to play with you!!

So, if ever you see me on “alerts”, and you’re in the mood to play with me? Just call me! OR, email me on Niteflirt to ask me what I’m doing to make sure I’m here. OR, click this link to make an appointment to play with me. I promise, there’s nothing I could possibly be doing when I have my phones on that I wouldn’t love to be interrupted during….especially if I know I’m going to get to make my tight lil pussy cum at the end! *Giggles* (Okay. Boring stuff over.)

Last week was a pretty great week for me, though! Even though I mostly stayed on alerts, it was my best week of calls ever! (I was going to say “best week ever” but I didn’t want it to sound too much like that TV show…lol) Anyway, I know I keep saying it, but you guys are so good to me!! Lots and lots of calls, so lots and lots of orgasms for me, AND lots of prezzies!! Some yummy bath stuff from B12 and some DVD’s and lingerie and Chanel perfume from my Master AF! (TY sooo much, you two!) Why is that prezzies always make my pussy wet? *Giggles* It doesn’t matter~it’s definitely a good thing!

Anyway, favorite callers….I’m going to do it briefly cause this entry is already so long. My phone sex virgin, my sweetie KB, and of course, my sweet Pussy Boy~who’s been keeping me all to himself this past week! I guess then, it’s pretty fitting that my favorite feedback was from him~even though it’s from a call like, forever ago. I’ll share it below, but you can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

Though not a domme by trade, I have felt that inner power she possesses. She is my intellectual match, but when she turns “it” on…look out, she’ll render you helpless!

Ooh, wait! I just looked and found another one (from someone else, who will remain nameless for now cause I don’t know what to call him yet) that I want to share from my Hypnotized Submissive Listing:

kind and sweet as always, for those of you who want to just use and abuse girls should know that this one has greatness in her that should not be dismissed so easily. Pleasure is best enjoyed over long periods of time, save up for this one, worth every single little penny.

SO sweet!! I love reading notes like that! I think that’s another thing that makes my pussy wet….long yummy feedback from my favorite guys! *Giggles*

And I guess that’s it! See, the boring entry wasn’t too boring, was it? :) I’m almost ready to log on to Niteflirt….I just have to do some web stuff and I think I’m going to have to put some pants on~it’s fucking freezing here in Florida today! I swear, it’s like…50 degrees or something? (Don’t laugh~I mean it!) Anyway, I’ll be available and taking calls all night tonight, from 4pm or so until at least 9pm EST, probably later. So if you feel like playing, OR if you just want to be a sweetie and warm me up? Lol…. Call me tonight! Remember, tomorrow is Princess Day, so after tonight, you’ll have to look for me on Wednesday.

Bye for now!!

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