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It’s long overdue…..

Hi guys :) Okay, before you ask, yes, I’m available and taking calls right now!! I know, I’m totally late, as usual, (I know! I’m sorry!) But to make up for logging on so late, I decided to write you a little note before it gets too late tonight.

Oh, but wait~on the subject of my schedule….I don’t know if you noticed, but I just changed my hours of availability on my website…which you can see by clicking the Call Me link above. From now until I get all settled in my new house, which will be April 1st, I think~ I’m going to start taking calls at 5pm EST instead of 3pm like I used to. Don’t worry! Everything will go back to normal once I’m all settled, but for now, I have so much stuff going on it’s kind of hard to be logged on right at 3. Hopefully you guys won’t forget all about me in the meantime? *Giggles* There’s SO Many of you that I haven’t talked to in AGES, it feels like! So hopefully we’ll be able to catch up soon. And remember, even if I’m on “alerts”, I’m still here and totally ready to play with you! :)

K…so we got that out of the way. Now, for some more personal stuff….that’s been long overdue…. Even beyond my upcoming move, there’s been a lot going on here that I haven’t posted about. Where to even start…. Okay, first: my very best girlfriend Erin is gone. Out of town. She says to say she’s “gone to the spa” instead of where she really is….so I won’t. Let’s just say….she’ll be gone for 6 months or so and when she comes back, she won’t be such a party girl. Get my point? Good :) But either way…I’ve been missing her SO much! I’ve still been going out…with some of her old friends from work and…a few other people. (I’ll get to that in a second.) But she’s gone for a good long while and now I feel like I’d better go out as much as possible so I don’t have to miss her too much, you know? I don’t know…I’ve been having lots of fun but it’s hard to really have fun without her.

SO, it’s a good thing I’ve had a diversion lately! *Giggles* Yes, I’m fucking a new guy. I know, I mentioned it the other day but I didn’t go into detail…. Yes, he’s pretty cool and I like the way he fucks me and I think I kind of…like him. I don’t know, it’s been so long since I’ve had a relationship, it still feels kind of weird, I guess. But it’s good! And even better, he totally doesn’t mind that I’m a total phone whore….AND I think he even thinks it’s kind of hot. :) It’s SO nothing serious yet…I never let him sleep over (you know about my no sleepover rule! Lol…) and I have another date with a different guy tonight… so it’s not like I’m going all monogamous or anything. No worries! *Grins* But, like I said, it’s a good thing. And maybe…if my date with the new boy goes okay tonight….I’ll write again tomorrow to tell you all about it. :)

And, last but never, ever least, favorite callers! Wow, it’s been like forever since the last time I did this! So let’s see… Okay, my sweet MWAllan…who I hadn’t talked to since Valentine’s Day…WOW, that was a yummy call!! I only came twice, but I still made a wet lil mess in my panties doing it…. And that, in case you wondered, is always a very good thing! (TY swetie!) Umm…My silly lil old thumbdick bill…who shouldn’t really count as a favorite caller. Number one cause he’ll never be a REAL mean, even on his best day, but number two…wait, yeah. The same as number one, cause he has a lil thumbdick. LOL! BUT, I’ll mention him anyway cause this weekend he bought me a new floor lamp and some bath stuff and some nail polish and some shower gel….and of course he called me up to be ignored for a good long time. LOL! (Let’s see how long you can last, bill….I can’t WAIT to laugh my ass off at you when you cave in! *Giggles*)

AND, my new guy…who I mentioned the other day, but I didn’t name yet. Little did I know that we’d play again so soon, or I might have named him sooner! :) But for now, I’m going to call him Spooky. I can’t tell why, it’s kind of a private joke. :) Either way….he’s SO much fun to play with, and he actually talks to me and he’s SO fucking smart! (Did I mention how much I love smart men? *Grins*) But he also left me my favorite feedback again~ which I’ll share below. You can also read this on my Fantasy/Anything Goes Listing:

I can’t say it enough or any other way, this girl is AMAZING!!! If I could bottle what makes this girl special, I would make millions, no billions, off of ‘Essence of Kylie.’ She is everything you could ever want in a flirt. She is enthusiastic, genuine, and the brilliance of her voice and figure is only surpassed the beauty of her soul. Thank you Kylie. It has been a privilege, nay an honor, to chat with you again.

SO sweet!! (I know I have to wait, my luv….but I can’t wait too long! TY for being SO sweet and so much fun! No more traps, though….k? LOL!)

And I guess that’s it! I’ll be taking calls tonight till about 8 or 8:30pm EST, so call me tonight!! I haven’t cum yet all day….and I wanna cum LOTS before Princess Day. Cause this week? I will SO not be a Princess on Tuesday. I’ll be painting (ugh) and buying boxes (ugh) and packing some more. So be sweet to your sweet lil girl and brighten my mood before then? :)

Bye for now!

My Friday….

Hi guys :) I hope you’re all having a great Friday so far!! I’ve had a busy day today…. First, I went to get my car alarm and subwoofer installed at Circuit City. No, no pretty girl favors this time! Lol…. It was kind of chilly when I got up, so I was wearing pants AND a sweatshirt….and my glasses too, for that matter! It’s kind of hard to feel like putting on makeup when I have to set my alarm to wake up. Cause I HATE that. Setting my alarm, I mean. I don’t know, I just feel like I sleep better when I can wake up naturally….having to get up on a schedule kinda sucks, IMO. :)

Anyway, so I did all that, and then I talked to my pussy boy for a while….I sent him to work in panties today so of course I wanted to hear all about it afterwards!! You can’t fully grasp how funny it is that I made him wear them for me unless I tell you what he does for a living….and since I can’t tell, you’ll just have to wonder… But I can PROMISE you, it’s *very* fucking hilarious!! Am I being too mean if I say that I can’t wait till I make him wear them for me again? *Giggles* I think I’ll do that soon….

And THEN (sorry guys, I know this entry is starting to seem like a boring “blow by blow”) I did some more packing for my upcoming move. And, just in case you wondered? Packing REALLY sucks! OMG I hate it!! And…even though I SO won’t miss my neighbors when I’m all done? I’m kinda going to miss my house here. *Pout* My new house is WAY better…especially cause I have so many new housewarming prezzies from silly lil thumbdick Bill….lol…. Today, I got bookends and a microwave and bath stuff….and last night he bought me shelves and a laundry organizer and a laptop table and a shower curtain and hooks and some DVD’s…. And it DOES make me laugh to see how much money he spends on me just to be ignored…. GOD he’s such a loser! *Giggles* But still!! I still have to find movers and move my cable/internet AND my phone AND I have to paint my new bedroom princess pink just like the one I have now! SO much work! I think some of you should totally come down to Florida to visit just so you can help me move. Some of you REAL men, I mean. And don’t think I’m kidding either! I mean it! :)

SO. I’m finally done with all my stuff for now and I wanted to write and say hello and tell you guys that I’m available and taking calls. I feel bad that my entry today was kind of boring…..but you guys are always happy to hear from me anyway, right? *Giggles* I’ll be on Niteflirt from now until about 9:30pm EST. And I can’t stay on any later tonight cause I’m going out after~I’ll write more about that tomorrow :) Either way~call me tonight!!

And~that’s it for now, cause I’m in the process of ignoring lil thumbdick bill. So I have to go. Bye for now!!

Wednesday night~I’m back! :)

Hi guys :) It’s Wednesday night, and it’s almost 6pm, so this is going to be a kinda short entry. I hope! Lol… Anyway, I just wanted to say hi cause I’m finally back from my Princess Day…and so you’ll know that I’m taking calls tonight (like I’m supposed to be!) from 6pm or so till about 9:30pm EST.

I had a GREAT Princess Day this week, btw :) I did all the stuff I mentioned in my last entry…acupuncture, then I got my nails done~by my HOT asian porn star manicurist~who just got implants, btw! OMG is she SO fucking hot now! And don’t laugh!! I’m allowed to drool over hot chicks with big tits, aren’t I? *Giggles* Then I had a massage…and it was REALLY good. So good in fact, that I think I”m going to have one at least once a month from now on. Except…next time I think I’m going to request a guy massage therapist. I had a woman this time? And she was kind of…manly? (I’m sorry, I can’t help it~it’s just true!) And I think it would be much sexier to have a guy massaging me naked. :) So we’ll see. It kinda hurt me, though! Like my shoulders and back are all sore, like she pressed too hard or something? I don’t know….

Anyway, I was so tired after my massage that I came home and had some dinner and then fell asleep on the couch in front of the TV. I watched, “The Prestige”

Which was REALLY good~I mean, the plot was good and the ending was CRAZY! You have to watch it! I would have liked it anyway for those reasons…but I guess I kind of have a lil crush on Christian Bale? So YMMV….if you’re not into guys, especially. *Giggles* But after that, I just fell asleep and slept all night long on the couch. I know, I’m SO boring nowadays, right? Lol… BUT, I told you I was tired….and I didn’t exactly have time for a cat nap in the afternoon, so? Oh, well. :)

I spent most of today having a (my very first!) chocolate bubble bath…which was pretty yummy, actually! Even though the water was brown….it smelled really good. And, I shaved my tight lil pussy all sweet and clean the way you guys like it :) And, I had to open the door for all the delivery men/prezzies that came today! Yay!! (Have I mentioned how much I love prezzies? Lol…) Some Versace perfume from my master AF~FINALLY! Prezzies from a REAL man instead of just my loser silly old bill! *Giggles*

And on that subject (REAL men feel free to skip this section~I know you’re tired of hearing me laugh at my losers…lol) Only a tiny mention for silly old bill today…cause… Well, because his dick is so tiny, number one. But number TWO cause he’s kind of on punishment right now. He usually emails me every morning to tell me which prezzies he’s bought me. And the last few days…even though he’s bought me a new stainless steel microwave and bathroom organizer and Armani perfume….and today I actually got the car alarm and Hello Kitty DVD player and Cd’s and scrapbook and new towels he bought me….. I have no email from him! And half the fun of tormenting his pathetic lil cock is hearing how much he’s been thinking of me and waiting to cum. So he’s on punishment till he calls me up to be ignored again. AND he has a new nickname! From now on I’m calling him “tiny lil thumbdick bill”…. Just FYI. LOL!

And I guess that’s it! As usual, my “short” entry turned into a novel….I was afraid of that! :) Either way, I’ll be available and taking calls by 6:30pm or so, so call me tonight!! Bye for now!

PS I almost forgot! I got some new favorite feedback the other night from a new guy…and I’m going to share it below. You can also read this on my Anything Goes Listing:

Oh my lord, Kylie is everything I hoped for and more. This girl is a gem, a precious find, completely irreplaceable. Thank you Kylie, talking with you was a pleasure and an honor.

SO sweet!! I loved reading that, my luv~TY! Bye again, guys! :)

Princess Notes….

Hi guys :) Well…it’s almost 9pm, and I know I would normally be logging off….but SO many of you called me last night (when I stayed up till almost 1am EST taking calls!) I think I’ve decided to stay available till 10 or 11pm tonight. So~that’s just FYI….in case any of you feel like calling to play with me on Niteflirt tonight? (Hint, hint! Lol…)

Either way, since tomorrow is my Princess Day, I thought the title for today was pretty appropriate! And I AM going to have an awesome Princess Day….I just scheduled a massage and a manicure….and that’s beyond my acupuncture/herbalist in the AM. It’s going to be a wonderful day of relaxation and rest….I mean Princess rest, of course! :) And I’m going to love every minute of it! I was supposed to have a date with Ryan…but my new fuck buddy JB has outlawed that idea, even though he’s too busy to see me till Wenesday. *Pout* Oh well…. I’m still going to have a wonderful day! With lots and LOTS of cat naps, cause I’ve been seriously sleep deprived lately! (The cable guy was here at like 11am to fix my wireless router…and that was just TOO fucking early!)

Anyway. The reason for the title. I have had an awesome day today!! SO completely awesome!! I’ve completely exceeded my normal money goals….and that makes me really happy!! If this keeps up, I’m thinking of starting another blog just to detail the “exploits” of my tiny dick losers…cause I know you real men don’t want to keep hearing about them, right? :)

Anyway, first, I talked to my pussy boy…for a nice, looong, yummy call… And before you ask, NO, I didn’t let him cum!! That’s kind of my “philosophy” nowadays…when it comes to loser tiny dick guys, anyway. LOL!! And it’s so much fun!! I’m going to have to work on my new “princess blog” sooner than later, I think….I have so many “slut assignments” to share!! *Giggles*

But then, my silly old bill called me yet *again*. He bought me some new prezzies last night…some body stuff from Bliss, and some bathroom rugs, and some Hello Kitty panties…. Not to mention the bookshelves and bookends and flat iron and Biosilk stuff for my hair…have I mentioned that stuff already? I don’t know, I get forgetful cause he buys so much stuff for me lately. Cause I own him and his tiny lil loser dick. *Giggles* Anyway, I ignored him for a good LONG while today (at $3.65/min of course! Lol!) while I called my girlfriends and laughed at him….and called my mommy and laughed at him…and called my new fuck buddy JB and laughed at him….LOL!! And of course, I made him buy me a new stainless steel microwave for my new place AND a duvet cover for Ali….all while I was laughing at his loser ass! *Grins* It’s TOO much fun being a princess!! Seriously. :)

So…I’m going to end this now….cause I want to log on as completely available soon so you REAL men can call me tonight!! But, before I go, I HAVE to share some of my favorite fedback from the last couple days. Just cause I know it will make you guys laugh your asses off!! Of course, it’s from my silly little bill….and I’ll share it below, but you can also read it on my Ignore Listing:

Kylie never seems to run out of friends to talk to when She has me waiting on the phone. my part of the call is to listen while She is laughing and making plans. Oh, and my other part is to pay.

LOL!!! I TOLD you it would make you laugh!! :) Bye for now!!

Being BAD feels soooo Good!

Hi guys :) I guess you noticed by the title, that I’ve been a pretty bad girl lately. Or maybe, you noticed even before I wrote this entry, because you know I haven’t been around too much lately? I probably should have titled this entry “Guilty Pleasures” instead, cause I think that phrase fits better. So I guess whichever title you like better, you can apply. *Giggles*

In case you haven’t already figured it out, I have some confessions to make. (Hey, it is Sunday, isn’t it? Lol…) But since I’m not Catholic, and since I like being a bad lil girl so much…I’m not confessing for absolution. Although, the thought of trading sexual favors with a priest in exchange for forgiveness IS pretty hot, don’t you think? *Smiles* No…I’m just sharing cause I feel like it….and cause I know you guys will like to read it. :) So here goes….

Number 1: I’ve been a really bad procrastinator. I’ve been putting off going to bed at a decent time, which means I sleep later…. It’s pretty cold here in Florida lately~I think right now it’s like 50 degrees or something? And that makes it so hard to leave my warm comfy bed in the morning! But then I work out shorter, and then my baths are shorter (*pout*) and then I do some packing, so I log on later…. All of which makes it very difficult for you guys to get ahold of me! I know this….and I’m working on it, I promise I am! But I do seriously appreciate those of you who keep trying to call and play with me! When all this moving stuff gets sorted out, my schedule will get back to normal.

Okay, Number 2: I’ve been seriously getting reaquainted with my porn collection. I mean seriously! I don’t know, I was never a very “visually stimulated” type of girl before…so I don’t know what this new obsession is….but I’ve been fucking my tight lil pussy every night lately. More than once. More like 5 or 6 times. LOL! Do you guys ever do that? Like the movie is so hot you just keep going and going until you can’t cum anymore? I don’t know, maybe it’s phone sex withdrawal or something…cause I haven’t cum too much on the phone this week? But it’s yummy and I like it and I’ll probably do it again tonight! *Giggles*

Lastly, Number 3: I’ve been channeling my “bitchy domme princess” again. I used to think I was always such a sweet lil girl…I mean, I still am. For real men, I always am. So no worries…most of you guys~cause you ARE real men~will still get the sweet, sexy lil girl I’ve always been when you call me. :) But I’m realizing that there’s something about a loser with a tiny lil dick that just brings out the bitch in me. And I like it! A LOT. My poor silly old bill has been coming around again…begging for my attention (of course I make him beg! I told you he has a tiny dick, right? Lol…) and so, after he buys me enough prezzies, I let him call so I can ignore him again. Only now….it costs a LOT more! He asked me to raise my rates and so I did…up to $3.65 per minute…and that’s what he pays! For as long as I want to keep him sitting there! While I call my new fuck buddy JB (more on him tomorrow) and I fix my websites…and I do my laundry and I play music….all while he sits on the other end of the phone and pays me! OMG it’s TOO much fun! This morning, he asked me to add some “housewarming” gifts to my wishlist. He said, (and I quote), “Now, don’t complain, You are just going to have to put up with me buying You presents and that’s that.” LOL!!! So of course I obliged….let’s see how many I make him buy for me before I let him cum again…. *Giggles*

See? I told you I’ve been bad! But it feels SO good it’s hard to stop! I’ll be taking calls tonight, from about 5:30pm till 9 or 9:30pm EST. So call me tonight!! And, because I’ve been such a bad lil girl…any and all “punishments” you think I deserve will be completely welcome! Maybe I deserve a spanking….? *Giggles*

Bye for now!

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