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My new schedule……

Hi guys :) Okay, this is going to be a super short entry, I’m just writing to say hi (*waves hello*!) AND to tell you about my schedule for the next few days. First of all: I’m available and taking calls now (only on alerts, but still!) until about 9pm EST. Yes, I was a little bit late logging on today, but I had to go out and pay my rent, do some grocery shopping, you know, just stupid busy stuff. Either way, I’m on right now, so if you’re horny? Call me!! I haven’t cum yet all day today!!

Second: I’m NOT going to be available at ALL tomorrow. I know, try not to be too mad at me…I just have so many things going on and some people coming over and I don’t really want to deal with the whole, “I’ll be back in one second, I have to go be a phone slut in the other room” and then have to keep my voice and my moaning down so no one hears me? Lol…. SO, just so you know, you’ll have to call and play with me tonight or else wait to find me on Monday.

Third: I’ve just updated my schedule on my website, which you can see HERE. I’m just going to try this for a few weeks, to see if it works out better….I’m taking one class this semester, and although it’s only 2 credits, doing the reading to keep up with it is making it so I can’t be available right at 3pm EST every day like I used to be! But no worries!! I’m only trying out this new schedule for a little while…if I notice that I’m missing too many calls or that I’m TOTALLY missing making my tight lil pussy cum as much as I’m used to? I’ll change it back to the hours you’re used to! I PROMISE promise. We’ll wait and see how it goes. :)

And I guess that’s it!! I hope some of you are feeling horny tonight….been missing me LOTS and lots so you’re aching to have me relieve that load in your pants? *Giggles* Let’s hope so…. I’ll be on till at least 9pm EST tonight, so let’s play tonight!! Bye for now!!

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